Get to know your hearthlings

Amazing creatures, these hearthlings. You may think you know their ways, and yet they will constantly surprise you. But then, that’s the fun of Stonehearth, right?

It will aid your progress in Stonehearth immensely if you understand your charges better. Here is a brief peek into hearthling behavior and how you can play a smarter and more engaging game by embracing that behavior.

As you know, when you start a game your hearthlings are blessed with three main stats: Mind, Body, and Spirit. Each of these qualities has in turn three Attributes. (Attributes can be found on the Character Info screen for each citizen.) Each Attribute plays a distinct role in the behavior, survival, and growth of its hearthling owner.

  • Mind = Diligence, Curiosity, Inventiveness
  • Body = Muscle, Speed, Stamina
  • Spirit = Courage, Willpower, Compassion

Stats and Attributes are generated randomly for each hearthling at the outset of the game. Starting Attributes are derived from their parent stat.

Some critical in-game statistics are derived from a formula involving multiple Attributes as well as other qualities. Case in point: Max health is the sum of a hearthling’s Stamina, Willpower and Diligence, plus ten times their current level.

As you know, every hearthling begins as a worker, but in order to produce furniture, weapons, and gear for your town — not to mention defend your fledgling settlement — you must choose some citizens to promote to various jobs. It is wise to make Attributes, not just top-level stats, part of these decisions. For example, it’s pretty clear that a footman would benefit from a high Body stat, but you may want to check his or her Courage Attribute too — even with a high Body stat, low Courage may have your supposedly brave Footman running with terror from the first enemy encounter. Not helpful.

A hearthling’s top-level stats (Mind, Body, and Spirit) are fixed. However, over time, Attributes may be “buffed” (increased) in various ways. One way is through leveling up; a Trapper’s speed will increase upon his first promotion. A Footman will receive a buff to Courage on first promotion (but not enough to overcome a pathetically low base Courage Attribute). Another is through upgrading clothing and equipment (such as armor and weapons).

It is also possible for an Attribute to be “debuffed” — for example, hearthlings who spend the night on the cold, hard ground instead of in a nice bed may find themselves moving a bit more slowly the next day.

We’re not going to tell you what every Attribute does, how it can be buffed, and how it contributes to hearthling behavior — you’ll need to experiment and find out for yourself. But we hope this little glimpse into what makes hearthlings tick will provide a bit more insight and help you make better decisions on behalf of your pixelated community members.