We have some more bug fixes and quality of life improvements for you in this release!

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Instabuild should now work for all structures.
  • Fixed crafters getting stuck forever on an in-progress recipe that they no longer have the ingredients for.
  • Fixed zoom-to-entity sometimes not zooming in correctly.
  • Converted recipes to use Effort instead of Work Units. This should make it easier for modders to decide how long it takes to craft something (1 Effort = 1 Game Minute), but most players should not notice a difference. There were slight decreases in early crafting recipe times and slight increases in later crafting ones, and the largest benefit is that some really incorrect values were caught and fixed. A citizen’s mood and grogginess will also now affect how fast/slow they craft.
  • Fixed herbalist workshop crafting UI button using the carpenter saw icon.
  • Updating the artwork for herbalist workshop’s craft button.
  • Added a notification for citizens that cannot find food
  • Fixed wolves being able to walk out of the wolf cage in the goblin campaign encounter

Modder Support

  • Fixed character sheet not checking whether the material is a string or array
  • ⚠️ Added ability to specify what mods that your mod should be loaded after. See the Dependencies section of the modding guide for details on how specify these dependencies.
  • ⚠️Mods that you upload to Steam through the Mods Menu will now be automatically zipped before being sent to Steam Workshop. This is to improve game startup speed for players who have many mods and/or large mods. Building templates mods won’t be compressed when uploading them, so that players can still see their images in the Mods menu.
  • Updated the Basic section of the modding guide.

⚠️ For modders: See the full list of changed files here.

🍏 For Mac players: An update has gone out for the mac version on the ‘macos’ branch. The password for this branch is ‘perseverance’. Feedback & testing would be super appreciated! Instructions in this thread.

Have fun!
Team Stonehearth