Beta r875 Now on Steam Unstable

Now that all the major features planned for the 1.0 release are in, we are focusing on polish. This release includes a few minor additions and improvements, as well as a large number of bug fixes.

Building & Item Placement

  • Added mod labels to the building templates list.
  • Added a violet stone planter window box.
  • Fixed fence posts causing buildings to be unbuildable.
  • Fixed holes in buildings blocking the placement cursor.
  • Fixed the building fixtures list missing items from the inventory.
  • Fixed the Ascendancy townhouse building template being unbuildable.
  • Fixed several collision issues with workbenches and the Amberstone statue.
  • Fixed items disappearing from the placement menu if their placement ghost is canceled.
  • Fixed citizens ending up on top of shrines after placing them.


  • Added item quality to food (faster eating, happier eaters, worth more).
  • Added new Shepherd and Trapper class perks.
  • Removed unimplemented class perks.
  • Increased the maximum number of crafting orders from 30 to 200.
  • Reduced trapping grounds spawn rates.
  • Reduced net worth immigration requirements for large cities.
  • Changed immigration requirements to be round numbers.
  • Improved recipe crafting time balance.
  • Fixed hearthlings sometimes ignoring mining regions.
  • Fixed beds remaining assigned after being undeployed.
  • Fixed the harvester golem being unable to harvest farms.
  • Fixed Rabbit dispatch quests lasting 10 minutes instead of 2 days.
  • Fixed pets conversing with the same citizen over and over in small towns.
  • Fixed trader quests asking for unobtainable deprecated fence items.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the archer to stop attacking animals.
  • Fixed sugar and sugarbell fitting the same storage filters.
  • Fixed storage filters for several Geomancer-related items.
  • Fixed trappers sometimes ignoring town alert.
  • Fixed bug meat kabobs counting as raw.

User Interface

  • Added Raise Camera and Lower Camera key bindings (Page Up/Down by default).
  • Added recipe Effort (crafting time) display to the crafting menu.
  • Added a link to each mod’s Steam Workshop page in the missing mods UI.
  • Added a hint to suggest the Ascendancy kingdom for new players.
  • Fixed citizens, shops, and other UIs sometimes not updating correctly.
  • Fixed crafting UI craft/maintain buttons sometimes being unclickable.
  • Fixed the Esc key not working correctly after dismissing the citizens menu.


  • Fixed Titan encounters to work properly in multiplayer when a player disconnects.
  • Fixed a slowdown caused by Titan roots of evil spawning underwater.
  • Fixed Titan wave attacks having an inaccurate hitbox.

Other Changes

  • Added names for hearthlings, towns, and Titans from Kickstarter backers.
  • Added sound effects for herbalists, corrupt wolves, and wet stones.
  • Added several more landmarks.
  • Improved water performance.
  • Fixed citizens dispatched on quests reappearing on reload.
  • Fixed quest rewards not being automatically added to the player’s inventory.
  • Fixed physics-affected entities falling one unit too far.
  • Fixed several issues that could cause restocking to stop.
  • Fixed several typos and inaccuracies in campaign and UI text.
  • Fixed traveler NPCs spawning and idling in cities that have no market stalls.
  • Fixed an error when reloading savegames saved on a Lucky day.
  • Fixed an error in unlocking some Northern Alliance city tier reward recipes.
  • Fixed support for modded biomes that don’t specify seasons or weather.
  • Fixed support for modded crop types that don’t specify season preferences.
  • Fixed support for modded recipes that specify workshops with no catalog data.
  • Fixed errors in combat, equipment, building, AI, and many other systems.
  • Fixed several crashes.

Have fun!
Team Stonehearth