Beta r870 Now on Steam Unstable

1.0 announcement or not, we’ve still got a couple more features to deliver before this is shipped. This release includes some of the last major changes that are going into 1.0, before we switch completely to bug fixing and optimization.

Somebunny to Love

In this release, we are adding the Clan Amberstone campaign, which introduces the Rabbits. If you befriend these industrious subterranean folk, they will share their resources, recipes, and centuries of accumulated wisdom. Some of them may even join your town! The questline is started automatically shortly after your town has reached tier 2 (upgraded hearth).

Moving Mountains

Now that the Rabbits are out of their hiding, they may be convinced to teach you the ancient art of Geomancy, which allows you to place terrain patches and ore veins, summon landmarks from far-off places, and craft golems to take some of the burden of repetitive tasks off your hearthlings’ shoulders.

In addition to Geomancers being able to summon landmarks, some of them will now also appear naturally in generated maps.

Going Further North

Thank you all for testing the Northern Alliance and the Tundra Biome, and giving us tons of feedback! Here are the changes we made as a result:

  • Added 2nd tier Northern Alliance building templates.
  • Added spindle and sword recipes to Northern Alliance masons.
  • Added a herbalist staff recipe to Northern Alliance potters.
  • Added Northern Alliance variants of several existing cooking recipes.
  • Added automatic auto-looting of hunted animal drops.
  • Added a +2 Body bonus to the Font of Fire.
  • Added Tundra resources to input bin filters.
  • Improved the notifications for Northern Alliance hunting events.
  • Increased wintermoss growth speed and seed drop rate.
  • Reduced the difficulty of Northern Alliance monster encounters.
  • Fixed Northern Alliance spirit animals appearing hostile.
  • Fixed Northern Alliance shrines displaying incorrect town bonuses.
  • Fixed stone torch and candle visual issues.
  • Fixed several typos in the Northern Alliance town progression campaign.
  • Fixed goblins demanding oak logs in the tundra.

Other Changes

  • Added wood, clay, and stone fence posts and slats.
  • [Modding] Added support for live-editing graphics assets in the “steam_uploads” folder.
  • Improved encounter spawning logic to be less predictable and more robust.
  • Improved server performance.
  • Improved building template placement in confined spaces.
  • Fixed building template thumbnails sometimes not updating when resaving.
  • Fixed several issues with fixture placement in the building editor.
  • Fixed several issues with item placement.
  • Fixed several issues with undeploying and restocking AI.
  • Fixed several UI errors that can be caused by mods with missing data.
  • Fixed visual artifacts in the building editor road too.
  • Fixed deployed tonics being considered usable crafting ingredients.
  • Fixed the collision of growing plants.
  • Fixed several AI infrastructure issues.
  • Fixed savegame overwriting failing if the savegame’s folder is open in explorer.
  • Fixed a crash related to Northern Alliance hunter looting.

Have fun!
Team Stonehearth