Alpha 24.9 Now On Steam Unstable

Alpha 24.9 Now On Steam Unstable

Debug all the things!

We’ve recently blocked-in the major features for Alpha 24, and we’re now focused on fixing bugs and polishing things up. See the changelog below for details!


  • Added a “Change All” button in citizens menu that allows player to set the the Working For town for all citizens at once.
  • Added item numbers to other players inventory in trade menu.
  • Made multiplayer icon Hearthling shaped.
  • Made citizens drop all of their items when their player disconnects, so they don’t keep items from other towns in their backpacks.
  • Made it so only a building’s owner can build, pause, resume or destroy it.
  • Changed Workshop uploads to use clearer folder names on the uploader’s machine.
  • Fixed presence cursor sphere colors not matching player colors.
  • Fixed localization for game description when you don’t own a mod in mod sync screen.
  • Fixed Hearthlings disappearing when a player reconnects.
  • Fixed crafters claiming workshops from different towns.
  • Fixed reconnecting players sometimes stealing another player’s town.
  • Fixed another instance of citizens accidentally stealing from the town they are assisting when clearing their carried item into their backpacks.
  • Fixed a UI crash when rendering chat messages of people who’ve left.
  • Fixed hearthling not removing items from the correct inventory when dropping items that belong to another faction from their backpack.


  • Added new themed roof and wall colors for Rayya’s Children and Ascendancy.
  • Added terrain colors.
  • Added support for item quality during fixture placement, and in the cost menu.
  • Added additional sounds to the builder.
  • Added support for optionally auto-replacing fixtures when they are destroyed.
  • Changed non-building ladder and placement modes to not show blueprints.
  • Changed building celebration to trigger only if the completed building was complex.
  • Fixed terrain not being restored when a building is destroyed.
  • Fixed the auto-queuing toggle in the settings not being respected.
  • Fixed backwards compatibility for templates without item quality.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging a fixture on blocks could cause the block to be selected.
  • Fixed building rulers sometimes remaining after the building menu is closed.

Other changes

  • Added the ability to dismiss notifications by right-clicking on them.
  • Changed tooltip for the “Cloth, etc.” storage category to “Refined Craftables (Cloth, etc.)” to better match its current use.
  • Changed shop notifications to disappear if not interacted with for 36 hours.
  • Fixed crafting order corruption when a crafter becomes incapacitated while collecting ingredients.
  • Fixed Mer Burlyhands appearing in the Goblin campaign.
  • Fixed Rayya’s Children Legendary recipe not unlocking correctly.
  • Fixed crafters collecting neutral (not owned by any player) ingredients.
  • Fixed several monster sound effects being inconsistent.
  • Fixed the storage category for Legendary weapon components to be Refined Craftables.
  • Fixed clapping audio attenuation.
  • Fixed “arrow” windows’ region shapes and offsets.
  • Fixed citizens menu checkboxes being unaligned when scrollbar doesn’t exist.
  • Improved logic for merging mining zones.

As usual, saved games from previous unstable pushes like this one might be incompatible, but saves from stable version to stable version will work.

Every bug counts, so if you see any bugs please report them on our forum at

✨Have fun!✨

-Team Stonehearth