DT: The Titan

It’s here. 😀 To celebrate finally being in Beta, the quest spawns at the end of the orc campaign. Go play if you want to experience it unspoiled; watch for details about what it is and how we got to […]


DT: Autotests++

Hey everyone, welcome to another Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday! Now that the new builder and multiplayer are both out in your hands, the team has pivoted to working hard on performance and bug fixing. What does this process look like? Let’s […]


Alpha 24.10.5 Now on Steam Unstable

Another minor stability patch: Added kitten pet sound effects (provides emotional stability when dealing with bugs). Fixed incorrect rendering of building blueprints in low quality graphics mode. Fixed an issue with placing fixtures (furniture, windows, doors, etc.) in finished buildings. […]


DT: Building & Mining++

Hey everyone, the team is furiously fixing bugs and working on performance optimizations across all systems, so I thought this week, we could take a closer look at a few bells and whistles that Engineer Chris snuck into the building […]