If you can see this post, our new site is working properly. The site design has a couple of important goals:

  • Provide some basic information about the game, especially info that’s helpful to new players
  • Devote more of the site to the awesome things you guys are doing with the game: Mods, builds, videos, etc.

We’ll be hammering out the bugs over the next few days. For now, take a look around and let us know what you think!

  • Chris Klochek

    First post!

  • Silas_1

    It looks great, guys! Easy to navigate and well thought out. I’m looking forward to seeing it ironed out. and Dangit Chris, beat me to it by 10 seconds!

    • blah

      if you look close , just the navigation needs some work in my eyes 🙂

  • blah


    new site was surprised,
    but after clicking around something was amiss with the navigation ( got lost keep it consistent.

    same inconsistency exists in other menus
    explore => 1 of menu’s suddenly uses the blue titel

    but there is more :
    Then community haves again different then the previous menu items
    if you click the community (main menu item )=>

    it provides a mini page with links to the sub menu’s whereas the previous pages (dev blog and explore) just linked to an item if you use the main menu button.

    so again a navigational style/behaviour switch

    I like the style and the new contents but the navigation style can you some tweaking that at least the flow is the same and the markup ( adding the blue title consistently maybe can help )

    also figure out if the main menu will provide contents about the submenu’s or it will just list the first item.

    ps: I like the blue title because it serves as a bread crumb to see in which submenu you are

  • Bebo Calderon

    I was confused for a second. But love the new look.

  • G-Force

    I’m just glad that you cleaned up the tiny black lines and specks surrounding your logo. Does anybody else know what I’m talking about? It drove me crazy.

  • FerretBandit

    This website is BEAUTIFUL!!! ^^

  • kitty

    The new website design looks amazeballs!

  • LizamaReyes

    I always see the facebook post to know when there is a new dev blog up, so imagine my surprise when I came to check out the site again and it looks new and awesome but then finding out I missed out on a few blogs in the last few days =(