Unstable Branch Updated to release-732


  • Allow Hearthlings to talk to pets and shepherded animals, and get booped/nuzzled thoughts.
  • Added Opinionated trait.
  • Improved Animal Companion trait text to always indicate the species of the companion.
  • Cultists will now possibly talk about being a cultist to other hearthlings.
  • Hearthlings with a passion for a class will now possibly talk about the job with other hearthlings.
  • Pet owners will now possibly talk about their pets.
  • Improved/fixed/added icons/cursors/area colors for the cancel and clear tools.
  • Made speech and thought bubbles blend into the nighttime color scheme better.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some tools (harvest, loot, etc.) not cancelling when pressing Esc.
  • Fixed resource change effects playing when resources aren’t changing (health/guts flickering).
  • Fix tunnel double door animations.