‘Tis the season… for Frostfeast!

UPDATED 17 DECEMBER (see patch notes, below)

Frostfeast, Stonehearth’s holiday of giving and celebration, makes its debut this year as a mod created by community developers RepeatPan (who hails from Switzerland) and Froggy (from the U.K.). Some truly amazing technical wizardry was supplied by RepeatPan; graphic excellence and story are courtesy of Froggy (who also produced this year’s stellar Candledark mod).


This year, you’ll experience Frostfeast as it is celebrated by the kingdom of the Ascendancy – the original Stonehearth kingdom and the one most familiar to players. (You can play in a Rayya’s Children scenario – but the storyline doesn’t fit with how RC celebrate the holiday.)

Froggy says, “The original idea for making the mod came from a conversation with RepeatPan on what holiday events could be created for Stonehearth. I think the suggestion was a little tongue in cheek to begin with – ‘You’ve done Halloween; you may as well do Christmas!’”

Froggy continues, “I wasn’t about to let him get away lightly! If I wanted to create something truly different I would need him and his coding prowess on board. One thing I knew for sure: I didn’t want Frostfeast to be ‘just another furniture mod’, and for that, it needed to be a team effort.”

Team Radiant discussed the Frostfeast idea with the modding duo, and let them get to work. “We set about sketching out our design goals,” says Froggy. “We had plenty of ideas, but a tight schedule in which to achieve them. With the help of Team Radiant, we reduced the scope to the basic core components of the season.
We wanted it to be dark, and bitterly cold. We wanted themed items, unique animations… and pigs! I’m not going to ruin the gameplay discovery of how we achieved these goals but needless to say I’m very proud of what RepeatPan and I have achieved with this mod,” Froggy relates. “RepeatPan has pulled it out of the bag with some real game changing technology. Not only has he implemented a brilliant cold/warmth gameplay mechanic, the shapeshifting mechanic that allows the placement of real hearthian chimneys is a sight to behold. Oh, and don’t get me started on the hats!”

Yes, the hats are pretty awesome. See if you can get the Frostfeast Hat of Impossible Splendour — it’s a rare drop from one of the presents received for completing a Church of Plenty request.

Frostfeast begins with a visit from a cleric of the Church of Plenty, who provides a bit of background and sets the storyline in motion. You’ll subsequently receive daily visits from a representative of the Church — players who have their hearthlings craft certain requested items for the needy are rewarded with Frostfeast gifts which open to grant holiday-themed (and some rare) items. Additionally, each hearthling crafter can create holiday-specific decorations and clothing that help to brighten their settlement and bring holiday cheer to the world.

Even those pesky goblins (if you’re playing a Normal game) get into the Frostfeast spirit… though they are actually prone to overdecorate, just like your real-life annoying neighbors.

Oooh. Pretty. Goblins do pretty better than you. 

Are you ready to enjoy Frostfeast?

Download the mod here and follow the installation instructions below. We’ve just updated Alpha 13, so you’ll get the best gameplay experience with this latest release.

Also, community member Wiese2007 has localized the mod for German-speaking players! You will need both the main mod and the German language localization to play.

May the blessings of Frostfeast be upon you!


PATCH NOTES, VERSION 1.1.2 (released 17 December)

Important! To take advantage of the update, you’ll need to start a new game. (The update will not take effect for a saved game; in fact, saved games are unlikely to run properly with the update.)

– Fix to opening dialogue. Cleric now no longer offers warm clothes, but gives a heater.
– Offerings pace slightly reduced.
– Oak saplings now grow much faster to enable wreaths to be produced earlier.
– Added ‘real’ snow covered stone roofs.
– Goblin light poles can now be destroyed.
– Heater repositioning now properly supported.
– Chimney repositioning now properly supported.
– Anti-preparation measures now properly work. The more you stock up, the more the church asks for!
– Optional quest components now taken away at collection.
– Breath is now less opaque. No more Hearthling choo choo trains.
– Reduced range of available rewards to ensure players get rewards that are more seasonal.
– Added Grinch get out clause for players who don’t want the church  requests on subsequent play through’s (Sandbox).
– Fix to Pigs.


Installation Instructions

Here are the instructions for playing the Frostfeast mod, depending on how you’ve installed the game.

(When you’re done playing Frostfeast, remember to remove it from your mods folder. Saved games in a Frostfeast scenario must have the frostfeast.smod file in place in order to play.)

First, download the mod from

Frostfeast mod

German localization (If you are playing the German language version, you will need to put both the frostfeast.smod and the frostfeast_de.smod files in your mod folder.)



Put your frostfeast.smod file in the “mods” folder.

If you’ve installed Stonehearth using Steam

  • Make sure Steam has updated your game to Alpha 13. When you start the game, it should say “Stonehearth 0.13.0 (release 489)” in the lower left of the title screen.
  • Right click Stonehearth in your Steam library. Click “Properties”
  • Click the “Local Files” tab, then click the “Browse Local Files…” button
  • Go to the “mods” folder and put frostfeast.smod there
  • You should now see radiant.smod, stonehearth.smod, and frostfeast.smod all in the same folder
  • Restart Stonehearth

If you’ve installed Stonehearth using the Windows installer or .zip file

  • Make sure you’ve updated Stonehearth to the latest version from your Humble page. When you start the game, it should say “Stonehearth 0.13.0 (release 489)” in the lower left of the title screen.
  • Put frostfeast.smod in the “mods” sub-folder of your Stonehearth installation folder
  • By default the installer puts Stonehearth in C:Program Files (x86)Stonehearth
  • You should now see radiant.smod, stonehearth.smod, and frostfeast.smod all in the same folder
  • Restart Stonehearth