Desktop Tuesday, Puppy Edition

I’m continuing to split duty between getting the Kickstarter campaign ready and adding new models for the game.  Today I came up with a project that contributes to both efforts: puppies!  What does this little guy have to do with […]

Desktop Tuesday, Combat Animations!

Greetings. We are hard at work fleshing out the third leg the core game, combat! (For those just tuning in, the other two legs are resource gathering and building/crafting). For Tony that means implementing the basic rules of combat and […]

Desktop Tuesdays, Speed Sculpt!

Hi. I’m continuing to flesh out the enemies that you’ll encounter in the game. Today I’m working on a heavy/tank sort of guy. Whereas the goblins are our cannon-fodder, nuisance type of monster, these guys will be a much more […]