Stonehearth Video Policy

Stonehearth is a lot of things, but it is most certainly a medium for telling and sharing stories. If you have Stonehearth stories to tell, especially in video form, we’re all for it! But in doing so, please follow these guidelines.

Non-Commercial Use. Use of Stonehearth content in videos must be for non-commercial use. This means you cannot charge users to view or access your Stonehearth related videos. You also can’t sell or license any Stonehearth videos to others for payment of any kind.

Monetizing ads. You may run ads or other revenue generating streams via the YouTube Partner Program or similar programs on other video sharing sites that don’t interfere with a user’s access to the video.

Sponsorships. You may display a sponsor’s logo at the beginning of the video, in the credits or as a shout out during the video. Please keep sponsor mentions to a reasonable, minimal length and make it clear (either by mentioning a sponsor or a “sponsored by” with their logo) that they are acting as a sponsor only (and a sponsor for you, not for Stonehearth).

Stonehearth and Radiant Entertainment logos. Do not use the Stonehearth and Radiant Entertainment logos without express written consent from Radiant Entertainment. The only exception to this is that you may use the Stonehearth logo as it appears on a game screen (e.g. the splash screen at the beginning of the game) in any video content you create (e.g., for YouTube or Twitch streams).

Respect other creators. Other than Stonehearth content, please don’t include content that’s not your original creation unless you have permission from the creator.