Stonehearth Alpha 1 is Now Available!

After a lot of blood, sweat, and coffee, I’m excited to tell you that we have finally pushed out the first public release of Stonehearth!

All of you who have pre-ordered the “beta” (which we’ve renamed to Alpha) can download Stonehearth from your Humble Bundle download page. Check this post for instructions.

Stonehearth Alpha 1?

Most of our time has gone into making the core tech, which we want to be rock-solid so we can support all the crazy features to come. We’re trying to build a strong base for the future, rather than to cut corners to support something flashy just for an Alpha release. We feel that’s the best path for delivering on the overall vision of the game.

So while the core tech is getting really powerful, there’s still a pretty limited amount of player-facing features. Here’s what’s in the Alpha:

  • Basic item crafting, with our first profession: the Carpenter
  • Harvesting resources (wood, berries, etc) and storing them in stockpiles
  • Your citizens will sleep when they get sleepy, build fires when they are cold, and eat when they are hungry (if you have harvested some berries!)
  • Basic construction of fences, walls and houses. A known, high-priority bug is currently preventing house roofs from being finished.
  • Lots of new exciting new crash bugs, animation glitches, and UI annoyances, and more!

Fences work particularly well. Try building fences.

Known Issues

As our first Alpha release, there are lots of bugs, but here are some high profile ones that you’ll probably run into and are high on our list to fix in Alpha 2.

  • The UI layout does not function correctly in resolutions betlow 1920 x 1080
  • Workers don’t build roofs on houses
  • Workers occasionally get stuck while hauling items to a stockpile.

How to Give Feedback

Please send your feedback and bug reports to the Official Stonehearth Beta Forums on Curse. We will be monitoring those forums closely, so please do make use of them!

Coming Next

While we know the Alpha isn’t a proper game yet, because we’re in a good place with the core tech that powers everything, we are ready to start pumping out gameplay. So the good news is that you can expect the Alpha to be regularly, automatically updated with new character professions and game systems like flowing water, combat, mining, etc.

This development road map that we’ve shamelessly copied from our friends at Starbound shows our current progress and future plans. Of course, we’ll keep the roadmap up to date as we continue to make progress on the game.

While we still have a long way to go, this is a huge milestone for Team Radiant. Thanks for sticking with us this far, and there’s lots more to come in 2014!


  • Jordan Schrantz

    Besides all the bugs in the game right know im very exsided for the upcoming updates and the end product! Keep doing a good job!

  • Sarah Login

    I havent been able to play longer than 20 mins without my workers getting stuck. I know its only Alpha, but seriously?

    • Jordan Schrantz

      I know iv gone 61 min playing the game (What Steam Says) but you know we all have to wait and see what they can pull out there selves ;D

  • htek

    You are allowed to post videos of gameplay to Youtube… I can’t find the link right now, but I have seen something in the recent past (the last few months) where it was said that Youtube video content was welcome. I’m sure someone else @steveadamo:disqus or @geoffers747:disqus or @Stephanie:disqus might be able to point you to any relevant information.

  • Eldordubbington

    Its beautiful! No complaints here. I already expected the game to be buggy and I am prepared to fight through it! I am looking forward to the future progress of this game as well! Thank you very much! 😀

  • Jack

    I tried to get my friend his gift key but it says the page has already been redeemed. Any tips? We bought the $45 tier.

  • Dan

    Looks great from what i played of it, ALOT of potential here. Very buggy but is to be expected. Looking forward to the future updates, great work so far guys even if it is very limited in the amount of content it still gives a much better impression than most indie games, keep it up!

  • Hamilton Byrne Cline

    I’ve encountered a fairly early game breaking bug. My wood managed to go negative, and it has caused my minions to just pick up wood and drop wood, and never do anything with it. My wood now fluctuates around -2,+2 wood, but no one does anything with it. There is tons of wood around the area on the ground, but no one will go get it. Very frustrating.

  • Starkman9000

    ok, it’s working fine now, I guess I was just doing something wrong. Thank you.

  • Dylan Trisciuzzi

    Am I the only one who cant figure out how to move the minions around or tell them to go do this or that? (ex. chop down a tree or collect berries) I somehow managed to accidentally make a carpenter, couldn’t figure out how to do it again though :/

  • Ruben

    Hey I kick started this way back in may was it?, can’t remember . Yet i haven’t gotten an email for the alpha
    I brought the $30 or $40 package. How do i got about getting my copy?

  • Played it for 2 hours now and checked all the possibilities.Bugs made me restart the game a few times.This game is a diamond in the rough, very promising but i already knew that from at the beginning of the kickstartcampagne.Goodluck with the future work and thank for dropping the alpha to give us a little sneakpeak.time to work on a video for my subscribers.

  • Paploo

    There is nothing to eat but berries? 10 days till I kill someone for their meat muhahaha stonehearthian on stick *glazed look in ones eyes* yes that would do nicely!

  • Frankie

    Sorry to sound impatient. The looks very promising. Keep up the great work!

  • Kjetil Kverndokken

    Eh, why is there no Linux in this?
    I supported for the Alpha/beta release and it were supposed to be a linux game to?
    Now I have to check if this works through wine…

    • Kjetil Kverndokken

      Nope, does not work in wine – the loader starts but cant press install…

    • Guest

      Nope, does not work in Wine… Loader starts but cant install…

    • ernierock

      It did always say that the beginning of beta/alpha would not support mac or linux. They’ve said this since the moment the stretch goal for max/linux was achieved.

  • Sarhifigus


  • Bebo Calderon

    I absolutely love this game, all the crazy bugs don’t even bother me. I’ve literally restarted the game over 20 times playing it lol

  • WickedHBG

    My buddy Twisted, also from HoneyBunnyGames told me I have a bug, around ~5-6 minute in the video the guy was next to the stockpile, with logs in his hands, while thinking how hungry he was, AI probably failed to drop the log and get the berries.

  • Grizoor

    Strange, the first three times I played the game I never had this bug, now every time I want to build a simple room the game crashes. But the game has already a beautiful spirit and I look very forward to the upcoming updates, game is really lovely 🙂

  • Brent Morton

    First off, Thanks for all your hard work! and for keeping your word about releasing on the 30th, even though you felt it wasn’t ready. the game looks and sounds great.

    What I’ve noticed is the path finding works perfectly up until the moment you build any structures. I played for 6 or 7 day/night cycles and had no problems. My people gathered wood, berries, sat around the camp fire, slept in their beds and ate sitting in their chairs. I had two carpenters making different things at the same time with my people places these things where I told them to, all with not a single hick up. Then on the 8th day I built my first structure and almost immediately my carpenters stopped working, I started to have workers holding wood, and others just staring blankly as they starved.

    I used larger stock piles and made one for wood only and one for berries only. Everything worked perfectly until I built that first house. Hope this helps in any way.

  • Starlight

    I have a Steam key via the Humble Bundle Page but how do i activate it

    • ernierock

      Go to your steam library and in the bottomleft corner there is a “Add a game to steam” link. Click it and select “Activate a product on steam”. Follow the instructions on your screen from there.

  • arnoud koenen

    when you buy it via humble bundle you get a steam key (at least i did)

    • poop


      • Trevor

        You buy it, and then get a link i nthe mail to humble bundle. You can then get a steam key from humble bundle.

  • ClebGaming

    I found a bug where if you don’t finish a building by night the people stop building the house

  • Dropped a video about the game.Go check it if interested

  • julyus

    Crash when i try to build a room

  • CannabisKokken

    The “Days” on my game goes by in a sec, then all my villagers are crazy hungry and eat through the whole night. Then the day comes again and it goes by in a sec and then they just eat again 🙁

  • pjuske

    What the f it wont even start for me, not on steam or humble bundle download 🙁

  • Monkilein

    I can’t start the Game, everytime I try to start the Stoneheart.exe nothing happens

    • Fenrix

      This^ Been having the same problem since last night and haven’t seen a solution anywhere. Can ANYONE shed some light on this?

    • pjuske

      i know that feel bro, it didn’t work for me ither. 🙁

    • SLOM

      If you are using Intel HD graphic card that may be what causes the problem, at least to me it did. After I switched to NVIDIA on my laptop the game works. My notebook turns into hell furnance but hey it WORKS 😀

      • AKGhost

        Same thing, girlfriend wants to play, but her desktop has Intel(R) HD integrated graphics that can play still pretty much anything as long as it’s not super new, started with the graphics test too, she boots it up and then it just crashes after it gets a white screen for about half a second. Planning on getting her an actual graphics card soon. >.>;

      • Monkilein

        I have an ATI Radeon HD and the game won’t start

  • Killhunger

    Funny how many posts about these darn bugs and missing features. >.< Thanks guys for giving us anything to play with. I can't wait to have more to do. Love it so far!

  • Samschoo

    Is there a save option so we can save our worlds?

    • Killhunger

      Not yet…

  • Killhunger

    Radiant, I love it so far. Can’t wait for more to play! Thank you for your efforts!

  • Veritas

    Hey there, really like the sound and first impressions of the gameplay.
    It’s Alpha state so nothing to worry about Bugs, their part of it 🙂
    Nice to see first little blocky guys build and eat!
    Question – is there a way to make them pick up things? Lots of wood and berrys on the ground and I cannot tell them to take swords/Shields or items out of the stockpile.

    Keep up the work!

  • xone

    first of all – that game is gonna be amazing! really freakin great job guys!
    my 4 y.o. niece wanted to play it with me and there’s this bug when they started picking up berries and build the wall with it, that was really funny, she laughed a lot – ‘a house build of berries’!

  • Michael Doran

    does that $15 dollar donation allow you the alpha or just the game when its complete?

  • FinKone

    Loads fast, runs well. UI is very impressive for Alpha. You guys have your crap together.

  • Devili

    doesn’t work :/ I just get the error message “The procedure entry point RegGetValueA could not be located in the dynamic link library ADVAPI32.dll.” what does this mean and what do I need to do to fix it?

    • Geoffers747

      I don’t suppose you’re running Windows XP are you? If so, unfortunately at the moment the Alpha doesn’t work for Windows XP.

    • Sam Middleton

      I got that too running XP, fortunately my sister let me play on her new computer

  • Wizaerd

    If we download it now, and new builds are released, will the downloaded game prompt for an update, automatically update, or we’ll have to manually download and install and updated build?

    • Geoffers747

      If you download through Steam the game will automatically update. If through Humble Bundle then for the time being you will need to manually download each new update – you can activate your Steam Key and still download the DRM free version if you like, there’s nothing stopping that.

  • Leo

    No love for Mac players?

    • Geoffers747

      Unfortunately nothing yet – there was a comment from the team that they had started looking into the Mac version but had no timeframe as to when that would be completed.

  • Since i was bored and well didnt know what to do i came up to do something else in Stonehearth.Check it and out happy new year 🙂

  • Artemion

    this could turn out to be the game i was looking for! i hope you add more athmosphere to it, like villager sounds and such. i would love to just sit there and watch them do what they want to do ^^ keep up the good work

  • 128935

    I get a black screen on startup and it just stays like that until I exit the game.

  • jarnick

    ehm how long before the following update this is a little bit boring i can not build anything else and can you give away pets because we got tw beta,s and two full games

  • kyo will this still be added to the game! like looking into building and stuff bc i really wanted to build a castle, just wondering bc this is what got me into the game!

  • Sam Middleton

    sometimes they fix themselves, someone else suggested placing more stockpiles

    • poop

      correct that does work

  • poop

    I really want it on steam when is it!!!

  • ChadwiK

    Playing the alpha right now. I can’t help but get excited about the potential for the game. I’m having fun just with the tools I have now, I can’t wait to explore through the other aspects of the game. Thank you for the opportunity to play it as is. I’ll be leaving my feedback for sure. Hope it helps!

  • Germano Assis

    I downloaded via humble bundle, how can I be noticed about updates?

    • Stephanie

      HB doesn’t have an updater yet, but you can always check the blog here for the latest. The Steam version (redeem the key) does automatically update.

  • Blazz171 .

    Had a few crashes but still fun, strange how it instantly absorbs you into the little fellows lives!

  • Lord Midas

    Love the look, day/night cycle and animation. Gorgeous. And happy new year.

    A few things I’d like to bring up which might help:
    * unable to move camera using keyboard.
    * unable to move camera when attempting to place a stockpile, building,.etc.
    * once you have picked some berries, and you perform another action, you can no long pick berries.
    * buildings (rooms) are invisible when they are being built (not managed to see final build due to crashes)

    * The worker message board ended up obscuring help messages (help got stuck behind and unable to be read)

    New generated world.
    * my room building was going well, however my workers then decided to stop building and start moving logs from one stockpile to the other, relentlessly!
    * I made them stop, for a bit, by picking berries and chopping trees. But they just went back to moving logs back and forth.
    * I then deleted the 2nd stockpile and all the workers got confused and simply stood in the original stockpile, holding logs
    * Moving flag, moving firepit, recreating stockpiles wouldn’t resolve this loop

    That’s me for now. Looking forward to your future updates.

  • hodor

    So when you buy this via humble bundle, you DO get a steam key for later? Is that correct? Can anyone confirm?

    • Advas

      Yes you get the key. i bought it, but the game from humble bundle don´t work for me. I haven´t tried steam YET.


    i have to say for an alpha. i see great potential. Yes there are the bugs… but seeing the CORE of the game leaves me expecting more. Im looking forward to the patches upcoming. I feel if there is a way to delegate the priority of things, or to have 1 worker a farmer. 1 a builder lumberjack… that kind of thing. might help with allowing me to have enough food for people. wood ect… not that you have to build a class. but maybe like. +1 skill to an area where i choose them to be proficient… if that makes sense.

  • sxyraven

    how come i cant place beds or the workshop inside of a building?

  • Tim

    bummed about this 🙁 put money in hoping to be able to play the alpha, maybe in a few updates *keeping hopeful*

    • Gabriel Eggers

      indeed there was no mention of beta level being only PC

      • stratix

        From the Kickstarter FAQ (particularly paragraph 2):

        “We fundamentally believe in cross platform support, and we are avoiding Windows only tech so that we can support Mac and Linux. Unfortunately, since we are writing our own engine, we don’t get cross-platform support for free. Thanks to making the $200k stretch goal, we will have Mac and Linux versions available at release. If you pledge at the $15 level or higher, you can select whether you’d like any given copy of the game to be for Mac, Linux, or Windows.

        Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that we will support Mac and Linux by the start of the beta. So if you pledge at a tier that gets you beta access, and you want to run the beta on a mac, you may have to wait an undetermined (as yet) time to get this access.”

  • Bob

    Will there ever be a fix for the white screen on start up? :/ I really want to play this game!

  • Pandaroc

    Im happy its finally here. Just got Home from my Holidays and its the best thing so far in the new Year !!!

  • Mathieu

    why is the game not on steam for me? i got a steam key and it is install on my computer, but it’s not in my library. because of that i cannot receive the future uptate.

  • Kirito Madichi

    When is the next update lads, will it be a weekly update

  • RedNorth

    Can you only purchase through paypal and amazon?

  • Hey guys do you have a Mac client? or are you planning on releasing it as well?

  • monneyninja$1000000000

    some of the “citizens” sit down and don’t move at all and that’s a game breaker…

  • donny

    is it already available on MAC?