SteveAdamo plays Alpha 10

We’ll be featuring walkthroughs and other video contributions from the community from time to time. Let’s kick things off with a “Let’s Play” series from SteveAdamo, illustrious “Official Radiant Fanboy” and community leader.


SteveAdamoSteve writes, “I typically approach my playthroughs with one simple objective: maximize population growth. Stonehearth is about carving out a niche in this foreign landscape, and it’s our citizens that make that happen. Providing a settlement with ample shelter and food in order to entice new villagers to join is of paramount importance.” Here are the first installments in a new series from Steve.





  • Zilla4Ever

    I finally know what Steve sounds like 😛

  • childe_roland

    Ha ha that’s great Steve thanks for your contributions and dedication! I spent way too many hours yesterday on a new town I might make a quick video to show you guys, definitely my most illustrious town to date yet 🙂

    lovin the game!

  • knight fox

    Could you feature “Revolution”? He pretty much only does stonehearth and is a very nice guy!