Steam Workshop Launches!

One of the core promises of Stonehearth when we first imagined it was that the game would be  moddable so that your imagination could expand your hearthlings’ world — and that your creations could be shared easily with other members of the Stonehearth community.

Today, Team Stonehearth is pleased to announce the launch of our Steam Workshop! Now you have a one-stop shop to find and share community-created content: mods, decor, campaigns, biomes, and more. Building templates are not part of this initial version, but they will be soon (to complement the launch of the new builder).

Our Steam Workshop can be found through the Stonehearth Community Hub on Steam.

From the beginning, we’ve seen absolutely incredible content contributed by the community — from mods that add new features to spectacular biomes to new items for your settlements — even localization into multiple languages. It’s long been a goal of ours to have a centralized location for all this  community-created content, and for quite a while we anticipated creating our own modding and content hub on But as we investigated both the development and maintenance effort needed as well as taking a closer look at what Steam has to offer, we came to the conclusion that Steam Workshop does, in fact, offer most of the functionality we want. And enabling Steam Workshop is something that many of our players ask for frequently. So here you go! Shoutouts go to Angelo, Linda, Morgan, and Ana for getting Workshop into your hands.

Steam Workshop will also be an important component when we launch multiplayer (not long now!). Using Workshop and the game’s new mod manager, you’ll be able to ensure that you and your online play companions all have the same mods and community content so that there aren’t any weird disparities between your game and your friends’.

But wait! There’s moar! (Isn’t there always?) If you’re a modder — or thinking about being one! — you’ll definitely want to check out our awesome new modding guide prepared by Ana (Relyss). It’s linked in our Workshop or you can find it directly here. And Morgan has created a “teaching mod” featuring the insidious Hush (you’ll just have to play it to see) — you can get this mod in Workshop as “The Dark Grove.”

We’re launching our Workshop in “beta” mode — meaning we’re testing it out, and we’d appreciate your feedback. What works for you? What doesn’t? What’s missing? As always, your input helps us make the Stonehearth experience the best it can be.