Steam Unstable Updated


  • Added Supply containers for most crafters. These containers can be configured to hold a single type of crafting resource and your Hearthlings will try to keep them full, so that your crafters can have a steady supply of raw materials.
  • Added Finished Work shelves to Carpenter, Potter, and Mason. These will only be used for newly made items, so that the crafter can get back to work while another idle Hearthling can take the item off to long-term storage or to be used in building decoration.
  • Remade Wolf animations
  • Fox has a new model and uses the Wolf rig
  • Added Hearthling Eye colors (not customizeable in embarkation yet) and facial animations
  • Shortened Potter crafting times to bring them in line with Carpenter
  • Clay bricks now have x3 stacks, so that constructing clay buildings is considerably faster
  • Made the Callous and Empathetic traits mutually exclusive
  • Fixed agriculture score not being calculated correctly when the game is loaded
  • Crafters drop their backpack contents before crafting so that if their previously crafted item was put away in their backpack, they’ll drop it before starting their next order
  • Trading Post Monument recipe no longer requires the unobtainable Fine Crate
  • Descriptions wrap in the unit frame, so they aren’t cut off with ellipsi…