Steam Unstable Updated to release-447

Hey Everyone, we’ve fixed some hard/frustrating bugs pertaining to hearthling behavior! This fix breaks save-compatibility with our last unstable release, but please give it a try and let us know how it performs, especially on big towns and after 20+ days.

Here are the patch notes for this release:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug tracking the occupied space in stockpiles which could cause hearthlings to randomly pick up and put down items.
  • Fixed bug in stockpile filters when all items are acceptable.
  • Fixed bug that caused undo to create holes in buildings.
  • Fixed bug that caused items to not undeploy.
  • Fixed bug that caused ladders to be unremovable.
  • Fixed errors when actions could not be completed.
  • Fixed error when trying to pick up an item off a table when the item has already been picked up.
  • Fixed promotion talismans no longer glowing after load.
  • Prohibit digging through the bottom of the world.
  • Fixed error using instabuild and instamine when a building or mining zone was not selected.
  • Wolves no longer get stuck in the ground (While trying to equip hearthling gear stolen by goblin thieves; bad wolves! Need opposable thumbs first, and smaller torsos!)

Other Changes

  • Improved pathfinding and task scheduling performance when there are lots of ladders around.
  • Improved performance when there are a large number of items in stockpiles.
  • Make the camera point north again when choosing a settlement location.