Steam Unstable Updated

We’re wrapping up Alpha 23 and need at least one more round of feedback before we push to stable. In particular we’ve made some tweaks to the way that hearthlings restock items – so if anything seems weird there let us know! As usual Alpha 22 saves should work in this unstable, but previous A23 unstable saves might not.

Full release notes:

  • Fixed shields not showing up in the character sheet equipment tab.
  • Changed building templates so that the filename is a randomly generated string instead of creating the files directly from the template name. Fixes issues with some unicode characters preventing building template preview images from appearing correctly. The templates list window will still display player created template names as usual.
  • Fixed Gold Flakes not being restocked in stockpiles with the refined ore stockpile filter enabled.
  • Updated new Fox to not have Wolf sounds.
  • Fixed wheat bale missing from input box filters.
  • Fixed several errors in storage restocking AI.
  • Fixed hearthlings trying to restock crates when another hearthling is already going to fill it.
  • Increased sensitivity to walking distance when computing AI preferences.
  • Fixed missing item names for orders auto-queued for construction.
  • Fewer clay bricks are needed to construct clay brick buildings.
  • Clay bricks recipe reverted to only produce one stack (back down from 3).