Steam Latest Updated to develop-3378

So… very… close… to the stable release of Alpha 21.

A few more enhancements and a few more bug fixes await you in this Steam unstable edition.
As always, let us know if you encounter any difficulties.


What’s Inside Develop-3378


  • Added ‘Loves Their Job’ thought for use with Passion traits.
  • Added ‘Animal Companion’ trait.
  • Changed ‘Heart of a Crafter’ trait to exclude Passion traits for non-crafting jobs.
  • Updated citizens pane UI to show hearthling traits. Moved mind/body/spirit stats into citizens row and moved Haul/Mine/Build/Job checkboxes to the right.
  • Updated trait description font to make it easier to read
  • Cubemitter VFX performance improvements
  • Added sleeping animations for pets
  • Improved Change Job screen is smaller but shows more information. Note for modders: if your mod adds a new job, you’ll need to add a “display_order” field in the job_description.lua file in order to show the job on the promotion screen. Look at any of the existing jobs as an example.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where a Hearthling with ‘Heart of a Crafter’ trait could have both the positive and negative thought from the trait.
  • Fixed bug related to saving/loading during Follow Camera zoom.
  • Fixed engineers not being able to mine
  • Fixed attribute tooltips positioning in character sheet UI
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Fixed items that shouldn’t be hung from being hangable.
  • Fixed glutton hearthlings from being stuffed when they are created
  • Fixed error with backpack capacity
  • Fixed number input in crafting menu triggering the speed buttons