Steam Latest updated to Develop-2717

Alpha 13 is getting verrrrry close to the finish line!
Develop-2717 is now live on the Steam Latest (unstable) branch.

Here’s what’s new in this release:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused enemies not to attack.
  • Fixed bug that caused hearthlings to float after ladders or earth had been removed from below them.
  • Fixed bug that enabled tasks on the Citizens window that were prohibited by a hearthling’s profession.
  • Fixed bug that caused doors/gates not to open for hearthlings.
  • Doors can now be placed in the world like furniture, so they can now be placed in mines/tunnels. The Wooden Double Door fits perfectly with a 4 block wide opening.
  • Selecting items to loot will now ignore items already in storage.
  • Check for collisions when placing items in buildings or on structures.
  • Fixed tooltip on storage filters to show where clay is stocked.
  • Clay Bricks are no longer used to craft themselves.
  • Fixed model and collision regions for a bunch of items.
  • Fixed and improved rug placement.
  • Try to prevent items from being stuck inside roofs.
  • Fixed stock category for the Coarse Fiber Bundle.

Other Changes

  • Many updates to Potter assets.
  • Several additions to Rayya’s Children Cook recipes.
  • Potter’s Cutter is now crafted by the Mason.
  • Tweaked experience gain so that there is more balance when leveling up professions.
  • Zoom to citizen when clicked in the Citizens window.
  • Waterfalls have a new animated effect that depends on the amount of water flowing.
  • Tweaked prices on a number of items.
  • Allow promotion talismans to be sold.