Steam latest now updated to develop-2650

We’re getting very close to the release of Alpha 12! Today we’re letting an updated preview loose on the Steam Unstable branch. Earlier today we released develop-2647 (notes below). This afternoon we’re adding a few fixes that didn’t make the deadline for this morning’s release. Please welcome develop-2650 on Steam latest! (Develop-2650 contains all the updates from develop-2647.)

Here’s what’s new in develop-2650:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hearthlings repeatedly picking up and and putting down items that had been looted.
  • Fixed another ‘item_has_been_looted’ error when trying to restock destroyed items.
  • Fixed missing loot icons on load.
  • Loot operation now uses a loot instead of a harvest cursor.
  • Fixed background on party attack and defend buttons.

Here’s what’s new in develop-2647:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a number of race conditions on load that resulted in engine errors or odd behavior.
  • Fixed ‘Path is not contiguous’ error when the subspace pathfinder is enabled.
  • Fixed ‘item_has_been_looted’ error when trying to restock destroyed items.
  • Fixed ‘try_spawn’ error when raiders are killed trying to leave the area.
  • Fixed engine error when trying to pick up an item from a deleted stockpile.
  • Fixed save/load bugs with postures when saving during panicking, eating, etc.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented other items from being placed when only a single item was blocked.
  • Fixed bug that failed to idle the pathfinder when there was nothing to do.
  • Fixed bug that caused too many hearthlings to work a mining zone.
  • Fixed units stuttering when engaging in combat.
  • Fixed shepherds not always feeding animals
  • Fixed UI error on the promotion window.
  • Fixed ladders not being placed in the wrong orientation against rotated objects.
  • Fixed firepit seats being placed in odd locations when the terrain is not level.
  • Added missing value/buy/sell data for a number of construction and decorative items.
  • The ghost form of the blacksmith’s forge no longer has burning coals.

Other Changes

  • The high performance CPP AI and Subspace Pathfinder are now turned on by default. If you experience bugs, you can disable them in Settings->Gameplay->Experimental.
  • Improved performance when harvesting trees, plants, and boulders.
  • Improved AI performance when building structures.
  • Blacksmiths can now build vaults which hold up to 256 items.