Steam Latest Updated to develop-2513

Hey Everyone, we’ve updated the Steam Latest branch with a few more bugfixes and features:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashing bugs when placing free-standing walls.
  • Fixed windows not being placed on buildings.
  • Fixed bug that caused hearthlings to walk to the wrong location when picking up items from stockpiles.
  • Fixed bug that prevented using ladders to reach mining zones on cliffs.
  • Fixed hearthlings floating in air after hanging an item on a wall.
  • Fixed engine error when a hearthling cannot reach an item to pick it up.
  • Fixed engine error when undeploying hanging items.
  • Fixed engine error when goblins try to pick up items higher than foot level.
  • Fixed assertion error when rotating items.
  • Fixed hearthling activity descriptions missing on citizens window.

Other Changes

  • Allow free-standing walls to be built on top of other structures.
  • Added more items for purchase with the trader.
  • Goblins no longer have backpacks.
  • Goblins go away if you appease them multiple times.
  • Goblins leave after raiding you enough times that they become bored.
  • If goblins leave before they are defeated, they will eventually return.
  • Bleating sheep.
  • Added more logging to detect corrupt installations.
  • You can now insta-mine from the console via the “im” command