Steam Latest Branch Updated with Combat Changes and Bug Fixes

Hi All. We’ve pushed a new build to the Steam Latest branch based on your early feedback from Alpha 10. We’ve made some fairly significant changes to the goblin campaign, and fixed another batch of bugs. If you’re on Steam, please kick the tires and lets us know your feedback. We plan on pushing this to all of you in an official Alpha 10 update patch early next week.

Here are the patch notes.

Goblin Campaign Changes

  • Goblin camp spawns much later in the game
  • Goblin camp is now neutral to you when it first spawns, and will be until you decline the shakedown
  • There is now an option to decline the shakedown halfway through the collection period
  • Wolves nerfed
  • Fewer goblin brigands spawn with raids
  • Reintroduce goblin thief/brigands

Misc. Changes

  • Net worth equation adjusted so that it’s easier to get to 20 people (cap is now 40)
  • Footmen level up faster
  • Goblins and undead now drop loot when killed. Use the loot command to harvest their loot
  • New tool to mine individual blocks
  • F5 now reloads the UI to clear javascript errors and fix “stuck” UIs

Bug Fixes

  • Goblin camp no longer will spawn underwater or over your buildings
  • Goblins should defend themselves every now and then instead of mindlessly raiding your stockpiles
  • Wolf camps no longer sometimes spawn infinitely
  • Goblin Chieftain is no longer an “apprentice footman”
  • Goblins no longer should get stuck on the roofs of houses on or tops of the loot chests
  • Fix errors after performing undo on roofs and walls
  • Destroy buildings now works correctly
  • Fog of war now updates correctly
  • The Goblin Thief encounter has returned
  • Fences and gates are not beds!
  • Fix visibility of ghosted items
  • Fix crafter maintain function
  • Improve performance when rendering of lights
  • Improve performance when building large roads and floors with patterns
  • Silas_1

    Awesome! I’ll be kicking those tires when i get home. The f5 reload UI is a great idea.

  • Asger1231

    Nooo! No more easy beds ;(

  • Alex

    What do you mean by inifinitely spawning wolf camps? And why were they nerfed D= I needed the challenge or it gets boring D= As for the infinitely spawning wolf camps.. Do you mean at once or they just do it at intervals forever? Cause If that’s the case I kind of enjoyed them constantly spawning XD

  • snocat

    Well one thing I’ve noticed right off the bat, the carpenter’s UI keeps switching back to the farmers hoe at random intervals lol. Best watch your crafting!

    • Properpeanut

      It’s been doing this since alpha 5 or something. If you take too long to click “craft”, it will autoselect farmers Hoe 🙂

      • MpG

        I think all the crafting screens do that – if they finish an item the crafting screen selection goes back to whatever the option is.

  • LizamaReyes

    I always notice that when you select to change jobs, there is always a miner option that says you need to make a pick-axe from the blacksmith, but I’ve never been able to see that option as well… is it just me? Or did I read a fake blog months ago that said miners are ready? i’m just a bit confused on this matter.

    • inkblotSRK

      Ack, the miner unfortunately is not implemented yet. His description sneaked into the game early.

      • LizamaReyes

        OH good, cuz I was really bummed about not having a set miner. I do a whole lot of mining and my workers can’t organize that and picking up stuff at the same time =p Now I know I just have to wait for it =)

  • Robert Bacon

    Is it possible for you guys to fix the bug where workers drop blocks etc on ladders and they get stuck there until you remove the ladder? Oh also another bug I have noticed is that when trying to create ladders on roads the piece of ladder that connects to the road does not get created to reproduce: create a road next to something you can place a ladder on, once the road is made try to place a ladder down.

  • Espilonarge

    Looting seems to be bugged. 9 out of 10 things selected for looting (wood blocks, ingots, ores, etc) will be picked up but then it’ll just disappear. They never bring it back to the stockpile, it just “vanishes” in their hands and there’s no way to tell if they even have it in their personal bag (much like the Trapper) so I have no idea if they’re storing them there without a set space limit or they’re making the item disappear permanently.

    They still also constantly have a habit of leaving “objects” like wood blocks, undeployed furniture and items in places they shouldn’t. Workers still keep leaving wood blocks on houses being built randomly and undeployed furniture/items keep having a 1 in 20 chance of “floating” in midair out of reach for them to put them where they belong (seems to happen more frequently when “undeploying” an object however).

    I think the likely conclusion to why these particular bugs are happening is because they get “instantly” distracted by another task (eg = Farmer is “looting” a ore that was dropped by a mob but then they need to “harvest” or “eat” food instead) instead of completing what they’re already doing first (in this case said Farmer should be putting the loot in the stockpile first “before” going to harvest/eat food).

    • Shadowbladers

      exactly the same has happened to me. They seem to loot everything and it just seems to dissappear. i have no idea where its gone and ps, the hearthlings should also have a wood in had at all times and build ladders as their first priority because one time i had a guy who was just standing around putting stuff in stockpiles while the others were stuck mining. it just makes more sense that you can make a ladder through mining which is great with the N tool. but still they should always have a wood on them. and could you also put a party thing which allows the footmen to walk in a destined area, like around a house then around a stockpile then the border etc. THANKS!

  • snocat

    I’ve had two hearthlings join so far!! Both in water lol. The others won’t make a ladder.

  • snocat

    Two footmen just about to intercept a goblin turn around and go home to go to bed. 😀

  • Mokujin1970

    I love the idea of the UI reset! Excellent!

    Also, I’m happy about the fact that goblins no longer spawn on rooftops… That will make things much easier 🙂

    Fantastic work TR! You guys are the best!

  • Hunter Lovering

    love the F5 reset. it is going to help a lot.

  • firelife

    i think it is a great update

  • FerretBandit


  • firelife

    while i was playing my footman started to act like a carpenter.

  • Bonester

    I’ve noticed a bug where a person’s hitbox turns into what looks like a stone and their texture glitches out from then on.

  • Properpeanut

    I noticed yesterday that if you build a house too close to a road (one block between), they can’t build the first piece of the scaffolding ladder, which is on the road and they stop building. Easy fix is just to build another ladder for them on the block between the road and house. (they wont remove the other “hanging” ladder afterwards though) 🙂

  • Espilonarge

    It seems that Stockpiles are having a “Z-Fighting” graphic issue with the terrain while looking from certain angles (normally seen zoomed in as close as possible with the camera tilted closest to the ground while rotating).

    Also, why were Farm plots shrunk down to 11×11 maximum? Kind of seems “tiny” once you start getting a large number of hearthlings going.

  • ddj

    First, great progress on last few builds!!

    A few issues that I have encountered:
    * If I trade and receive cloth bolts, they are dropped at the firepit, but never picked up to be used or moved to the stockpile.
    * If roads are used as (2nd story) floor in a cave the graphics of that floor glitch/flicker.
    * If you build a ladder above a road, it starts at block 2 causing the hearthlings not to be able to go up the ladder (however they can go down)
    * Stockpiles cannot be build on roads

  • Priki

    When playing for some time, i now have about 14 villagers, the game gets laggy… its kinda annoying, hope for a fix soon 😀

  • MpG

    The improvements are good, but the looting still needs work. I’ve had numerous tools and weapons disappear into limbo, plus the villagers seem to randomly select what to pick up, often preferring two pieces of loot at opposite ends of the playing area, rather than two next to each other. Maybe if proximity was emphasized more in their decision making process?

    They also seem to be unable to drop all their loot as long as there’s more loot to grab – they’ll deposit one piece of loot, but them immediately leave off to grab something else. So if they picked up something early on, it’ll won’t get dropped until ALL the specified loot has finally been picked up. (This isn’t the same as the loot limbo issue I mention above).