Steam Latest Branch Updated to release 504

Happy Groundhog Day! The forecast is for an early Spring… and the imminent arrival of Stonehearth Alpha 14!

That’s right — we’re getting really, really close to the debut of our latest Alpha.
The newest build on Stonehearth’s Steam unstable branch has a few final updates and bug fixes.
Please take it for a spin, and keep those bug reports coming.

Here’s what you’ll find in this latest release:

  • Turn on release-level performance optimizations
  • Improved disposal of defunct encounter nodes, for performance and debug-ui readability
  • Improve memory usage when looking for things in boxes
  • Goblin raids no longer spawn if goblins are friendly/neutral
  • Continue tuning difficulty of encounters
  • Fix bug where daily report fails on exact match of requirements
  • Fix various performance and memory issues involved in creating cubes within which to search for things
  • Add sanity checks to spawn-point pathing code
  • Add hedge so sounds don’t repeat indefinitely
  • Fixes to the A* pathfinder
  • Upgrade to boost 1.60 to fix a crashing bug
  • Fix for roofs-suddenly-turn-flat bug
  • Tweak willpower and healing equations
  • Fix a bug where people get hands of different colors than their faces
  • Shepherd now gets correct amount of wool