• yukiba

    : O new page layout

    • Herobrine

      Yeah, it seems a little too spaced out to me…

      • yeah a little spaced out but i love it 🙂

  • I love the game sofar and just cant wait for all of the fun things that will soon come with it :D, also keep up the good work.:P

  • Ivan Barrios

    me encanta, solo quisiera agregar a esto mas muebles y decoraciones

  • Ivan Barrios

    I love it, just I like to add to this more furniture and decorations

  • Orbalon Stealleaf

    I like the new layout.

  • Dakota Adams

    Is there going to be more options with the water? Maybe like a boat, and a fisherman class.

    • PureAwesomeness54

      There will be no fisherman class but the hearthlings of your village will occasionally fish when they are idle. I heard this during a stream, plans could of changed.

  • Eckirion

    I hope they will add more range and magic-based jobs towards this game. It would also be awesome if they can add boss monsters.

    • neronix17

      IIRC the ‘Titans’ are the boss monsters.

    • mortjep9530

      they are working on an archer 🙂 and yeah a mage will seam nice and fit the theme but it could be very difficult to implement properly. the game as it is, is already too easy. mages are usually very strong units in most games so that would only make the game easier. but who knows. it might be that their “???” role is a mage 🙂

  • Shadowbladers


    • Shadowfox121

      haha you cant be serious it was a prank

  • Shadowbladers

    and where is the archer. ive heard nothing of it at all

    • mortjep9530

      will propably come in either the next patch or the patch after.

  • Andrea Aiazzi

    we need Mac release asap. even buggy I don’t care just trow it out, I need this game 😛

    • mortjep9530

      propably won’t happen before it is either near release or released. but stillt his game isn’t demanding so just get a cheap windows pc 😀 then you will also have a lot more capabilities than with your mac 🙂

      • Andrea Aiazzi

        thanks. I’ll just see if it’s possible with parallels/bootcamp (windows o mac)

      • PureAwesomeness54

        Getting a cheap windows pc won’t run this game well 😛

        • mortjep9530

          ok maybe not a cheap cheap but even a semi cheap pc is enough. especially when this game is done and optimized since most of the handling is done by 1 core of the CPU atm and the game barely use a GPU.

          most laptops and prebuild desktops focus the CPU over a GPU so it shouldn’t really be a probelm with a cheap pc that has a strong duo core or even better a I5 or low-end I7.

      • Ahmadinejad

        I also have a mac and really want the mac version out. I would wait and be patient but release date was 9 months ago so having a mac version is not asking that much. I have a windows PC but I do a lot of travelling and always have my mac so I wish I could play it.

  • Commander_Melander

    Will there be oceans? I hope so <3

  • XaeroCraft

    Yes! Multiplayer-in-work 😀
    I should collect more money $$$

    • Orbalon Stealleaf

      Multiplayer is in work already?

      • mortjep9530

        they are propably making something “behind the curtains” but so far it’s still on 0% on their roadmap as i think that multiplayer is only a sub priority until they finish the core game

        • PureAwesomeness54

          That would be awesome to have a surprise alpha with multiplayer 🙂

  • I don’t know my nickPL!

    I need polish language <3

  • Please make it so I could play with friends but have different towns in the same world! ( A bit how it works in Sim City)

    • mortjep9530

      plz don’t listen to this guy directly devs. we don’t want another sim shitty 😛 bulding cities in coop or pvp just like any good RTS and castle/city builders like stronghold. without their bad mechanics though xD

      • Orbalon Stealleaf


      • I disagree – I think having the option of creating multiple cities on the randomly generated map would be an awesome thing, and a cool way to save the cities. But, I don’t agree that they should be ‘functioning’ with each other, such as pollution or whatever, but definitely a trade route – say you created a town with 0 minerals, you could trade what you DO have for things you don’t (especially since there are already traders in the game anyway).

        • mortjep9530

          so you want this game to be a disaster just like sim city was?

          i don’t think that is what you mean, but that’s how you said it at first.
          pollution isn’t a thing in this game. what the devs are going to do from what i’ve read is to make a coop village, individual villages in the same world and directly pvp village building.

          i just don’t want this game to be another sim city where the only contact you have with other players would be indirect contact like how you have it in sim city.

          stronghold have proven a long time ago that direct multiplayer city/village/stronghold building works and is very fun. if they implement the multiplayer from the first stronghold games and put it on their full map then that could be pretty awesome. then you could choose a plot, then maybe choose whether it should be a new map or you want to join an exisiting plain (for pvp maybe) and then if you want to do coop you could make a lobby and you could both select a part of the world to play in and if you can’t agree to one then maybe it could be randomly chosen by the computer between their choices.

          another fun thing is that what you are saying i already a part of the game. you aren’t limited to one village. you can easely just create a new game. this isn’t filled with only online DRM bullshit like sim city was.

          • PureAwesomeness54

            “pollution isn’t a thing in this game…” He never said it was. He said that he doesn’t want the independent cities having “pollution” or affecting each other in any ways.

          • mortjep9530

            he was basicly contradicting himself just after so i might have missread it.

          • Glen

            People think they are all high and mighty, stating shit. Well, everyone should keep their opinions to themselves. I think SimCity was well done and a success. Doesn’t mean its the truth. People may say that it was a Disaster.. Doesn’t mean that’s the truth either. Everybody has an opinion. Instead of saying, “SimCity is…”, you could say, “I think SimCity is…”. Don’t act all high and mighty and act like your opinion is fact, because it is not, which is why it is called a FACT. Just my honest opinion, people.

      • Andrea Aiazzi

        I would enjoy a permanent world or instance in multiplayer, or a long multiplayer
        campaign game. this could be the long awaited mix between mmorpg and rts

    • jojojojojojojojojojoojojojojoj

      thats the Independent city building

  • mortjep9530

    i don’t know if the devs will spot this but i do hope so.

    There are a few things that really troubles me with this game. some fix er easy to fix and some are pretty difficult and might take a while so i don’t expect everything to be perfect for a long time, but some of the easier fixes would be nice if they could think about on the next couple of patches.

    the problems i mostly have for the game is the difficulty. yes i do know it’s an Alpha build and more stuff is going to come like new monsters and titans/boss monsters but the fixes i could see to make it a bit more challenging and realistic are small enough to be implemented right away if not pretty quickly. the way you get new villagers is not very difficult nor is it realistic. when you are at where i am with arroun 20 villagers then you need about 8000-9000 food. that is 4 full 20×20 stockpiles full. that is not very realistic since the villagers are never going to eat that much. if i stopped all of my farms then it would take over 1 day of realtime playing before the villagers had eaten enough for it to be a problem. spamming that much food is niether fun nor is it realistic for the villages needs.

    what could be implemented to fix this would be to either lower the needed food to a small cap or simply make the villagers eat alot more at a time and more frequently so instead of only eating breakfast they could also eat lunch and dinner. that could take up alot of time with the slow eating they ahve now, but to fix this would only need a slight tweak to their eating speed. it would also be more realistic that the people in your village would eat multiple foods at once if you have different types of food.

    another way to possible fix would be that you need a certain amount to get a villager, but still at a lower cap than now, and then when you accept to get the villager then it would consume the needed food. so let’s say that a villager wants to join/be born in your village and for him/her to do that it would require 400 food. if we say that the player only has 600 food at them moment then he would have to decide to risk it with 200 food or stay safe with his/her food supply instead of getting a new member.

    another small problem that will propably take a little longer to fix would be the villagers behavioral pattern against attackers. they are very inconsistant and unrealistic at times. villagers can randomly cower from monster for a random amount of time. some times it has no negative effects, other times it can easely get 2-3 of your villagers killed in 10 seconds.

    a fix for this could be to set stable timers in their behavior for when they are going to stop and cower and then run again and make them run towards your footmen instead of running randomly away from monsters. it could also be possible that the lower max HP a villager has the more he is going to run and the lower his current XP the slower he/she would run (to simulate injury) that will make it way more consistant and make so that you don’t sit angrely raging at the game for getting 2 villagers killed that could have easely been saved.

    another tweak to the difficulty could be to buff monster spawns and raids. it could perhaps be implemented that the amount of monsters that spawns will be equal to VILLAGER x MODIFIER + SET AMOUNT(e.g 3 as standard spawn). so let’s say the modifier could be set by a chosen difficulty or the time spent in the map, ofcourse this will also need a cap so that it won’t flood your village with monsters. the cap could be this equation: IF VILLAGERS > SET AMOUNT = TRUE. SPAWN MONSTER MAX = X

    that means that the game will check if you have a certain amount of villagers and if you do then it will use the previous calculation to determine how many monsters it should spawn. this isn’t a perfect solution in any sense but it could be a stop gap messure to make the game a bit more interesting and challenging.

    i Hope that the devs could see this post and that it can give them some food for thought and that people could bring more feedback to the devs that could make this already pretty good game into an awesome village fantasy builder 😀

    • Emulated

      What you need to realize is, this is a game. Why does everything need to be realistic?
      However, I do like one of your points. Food is not valuable enough. Villagers do not eat enough, so we get massive stockpiles within the first 4 days, that never goes away unless you choose to not harvest.

      What you suggest with possible fixes to the Hearthlings eating more throughout the day would be great to fix this, or make food harder to obtain.
      But what you should not do is try and change the game into something it is not. This game is not a simulator.

      • mortjep9530

        realism is always good if implemented correctly, even into a fantasy village builder like stoneheart.

        i am not meaning to ask them to turn this into a hyper realistic city builder i just want to tell them that i think the game is very inconsistent with their hearthlings behavior and frankly the game is too easy.

        the food systems was basicly also a means to get rid of the massive multiple stockpiles full of food that seams kinda uneeded for the amount of hearthlings.

        currently trying to get my 22nd hearthling but it requires about 9k food…. why does it require 3-4 20×20 stocpiles full of food for 22 villagters when they barely eat 30-50 pieces of food pr. day?

  • William


    I’m going to make this short I love this game and I’m going to buy it on steam soon but my suggestion for *Combat* and game population. With that sad I would like to give my idea of making population bigger so that people who imagine their city as a big castle would have big population like 500 people. And Combet wize It would be great to control the troops like in Stronghold to divide them make it more strategic as well as troop size make it so that its unlimited so if you would have big population we could make 80% of them in military.


    • Andrea Aiazzi

      I understood this game was too focused on micro-ing to manage such large scale gameplay.
      I’m not sure they are going in that direction. I couldn’t tell my girlfriend I take the weekend off just to build the barracks and prepare soup for so many soldiers 🙂

  • Andrea Aiazzi

    this could be what Castle’s Story was meant to be. Or Clash of Clans for grown-ups. Or Banished with combat features.
    Pls Devs just don’t be afraid of adding game modes (game modes make everyone happy). Or modding support so we manage that 😛

    • PureAwesomeness54

      Game modes like…. MULTIPLAYER?!

      • mortjep9530

        multiplayer will be made 😀


    When add archerS?i want archers…xd

  • Wolfgung

    Will there be any male/female things with babies? Its more realistic, and population may grow faster. Also I think that idea like that may increase difficult of gameplay.

    • PureAwesomeness54

      The devs said they like the idea of the immigration system, and they will keep it that way.

      • mortjep9530

        i do hope however that they will fix it as it is very plain and kinda boring atm. hoarding up 4 full storage spaces full of food for just 21 hearthlings… 😛

  • Jason Koppel

    When you release the seasons, will this impact on the peoples actions and willingness to work, i would love to see each person have their own characteristics! this game is going to be awesome after its left the early access stage! 🙂

    • Orbalon Stealleaf

      Yeah then the wool worker coat would finally have a purpose (instead of basically decoration).

  • Has anyone seen the bug that happens when you promote a worker to a swordsman, they turn into a head holding a sword? Or is it just mine?

  • Killer Stoneaxe

    I need to tell you that when the games on normal it gets really difficult really early and when its on peacefull its to easy could you please tweak the system so that i dont get attacked 4-5 times a day as well as make a system where you can control where the fighters go (the party system isnt that good) individualy ive been waiting two years for this but i couldnt get it until it came to steam so please dont think im a hater i know it early access

  • mortjep9530

    i would propably think that when they are done with the major components of the engine and done some optimizations, they might begin on a small MP portion of the game. it will be a decent place to start if they whant the MP component to be a major part of the community and do playtesting early for both the core game and the MP part at the same time.

    adding stuff in the MP should be similar to adding it in SP.

  • Matt

    If you can, you should be able to assign beds to hearthlings so they could have their own house and not sleep in different houses each night.