We’re getting close to our 1.1 release, so in this update we’re wrapping up some critical bugs, and bringing you several more quality of life improvements and small features.

Bugfixes and improvements

  • As a part of our Kickstarter promise to our Legend Tier backers, we’ve also added two new encounters to the game that were designed based on their input: the Hestia and Dragonborn encounters. Players can unlock these encounters at Tier 2. Note that they have a rare chance of occuring.
  • Added the ability for players to emergency-unstick (teleport) your citizens a short distance when they get stuck (in buildings, on top of tall furniture, etc). This command can be found near the top-right of the Character Sheet UI and can be used once a day when a citizen is idle.
  • Some performance improvements on lua consumption
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when a player with Steam enabled would try to join a multiplayer game that wasn’t hosted through Steam.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when you have citizens that are away from town
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when reading an invalid user_settings.json file
  • Added desert skins to most creatures for the desert biome
  • Added the ability to get cricket golems earlier in the game, through an encounter
  • Added a notification that shows up when you hit the max citizens cap
  • Fixed Legendary equipment not getting sorted in stockpiles correctly
  • Fixed the Steam workshop link buttons not working on mod sync page when joining a multiplayer game
  • Added combat talismans to shops in tier 2 (chance) and tier 3 (guaranteed)
  • Fixed Sun and Moon landmarks not being placeable
  • Added entlings to the Desert and Arctic biomes
  • Fixed an issue with fox pelts
  • Slightly adjusted rate of the type of shops that arrive in town (less likely to get pet shops at low town level, more likely to get shops with basic resources)
  • Added Weavers House template to Ascendency (unlocks when you have a Weaver)
  • Updated Carpenters House template for Ascendency to have input/output bins
  • Reordered NA loadouts (because ‘food for days’ is definitely hard mode)
  • Adjusted prices for crafted items overall as a part of the Effort Refactor
  • Quivers now sort as “weapons” in the Weaver’s recipes list.
  • Ladders can be removed using the undeploy hotkey
  • Goldthread outfit now properly locked behind Tier 3 reward of Shrine (oops)
  • Fixed reversed rotation hotkeys for placing building templates
  • Fixed Giant skeletons being called Zombies
  • Added option to skip dialog on banner/hearth choice.

Modder Support

  • Update SHED submodule head to include latest changes: support for steam_uploads folder and various fixes
  • Sorted most sections of the manifest so that it’s easier to find and read through alias names
  • Added the ability to create landmarks using the create_camp encounter
  • Added an encounter script that allows you to add traits

⚠️ For modders: See the full list of changed files here.


Have fun!
Team Stonehearth