More bugfixes! We’ve also added some changes to support some of the modder requests you’ve sent us.

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Fixed various cases of hearthlings stalling while building
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash to desktop
  • UI optimizations for the Citizens menu, Save menu, Party editor, Multiplayer menu, Settings page
  • Added product version string to About page
  • Fixed inability to click Fullscreen checkbox in the Settings menu due to overlapping graphics text
  • Fixed Amberstone pedestal not being usable
  • Fixed valor town bonus not unlocking the Valor Torch
  • Fixed Gilded Crimson rug so that it can be safely used in the builder
  • Hide cancel command on placement ghosts for non-undeployable items (ie. hearths, banners)
  • Fixed non-upgradeable additional equipment pieces not being unequipped when the main piece is unequipped
  • Quivers can now use feathers from ostriches instead of only poyo feathers
  • Fixed the Northern Alliance crop encounter so that it delivers the crops that the kingdom doesn’t already have unlocked
  • Fixed ostrich drops not being autolooted on harvest
  • Make sure ostriches and poyos hatched outside of your pasture can be slaughtered by your shepherd to prevent overpopulation
  • Fixed some container items so that they show up under a valid category in the UI
  • Fixed hearths getting undeployed in certain cases
  • Fixed Reinforced Stone Door not having reinforced door stats
  • Remove some references to deprecated fine items
  • Fixed a minor encounter error that happens when a player disconnects in a multiplayer game
  • Fixed town starting with more than the specified number of starting hearthlings when constants.population.genders is overridden
  • Fixed game creation error that happens when the num_starting_citizens is less than 2

Modder Support

  • Added “eye_color” to the categories in female_customizations.json
  • Added array support for job roles, equipment roles, and item materials
  • Added water habitat type so that modders can add landmarks, nests to the water
  • Allow modders to specify traits by kingdom
  • Added female model variant to female zombies and skeletons so that they can wear female clothes
  • Added the material tag `shield` to shields
  • Allow custom modded equipment slots to be visible in the equipment tab of character sheet UI
  • Changed rock_layer_6 hex color code to upper case so that biome terrain colors can remap it correctly
  • Added pet bed assets, drinking animations assets, teacup assets (not hooked into game)

⚠️ Note to modders: We’ve made changes to several UI files, so you may need to update your mod to make it compatible. See the full list of changed files here.

Special thanks to BrunoSupremo for providing implementation details for much of the modder requests!

Have fun!
Team Stonehearth