Beta r874 Now on Steam Unstable

Winter is Coming

And along with it, spring, summer, and autumn. When starting a new game in any of the three standard biomes, you will now be able to select the season to start in. Seasons determine weather distribution, as well as foliage appearance. Expect golden autumns on temperate maps, blooming cacti in the desert during spring, and a brief respite from the ever-present snow during arctic summers. Additionally, seasons affect farming, as each crop has its own preferred seasons, during which its growth rate is doubled. Seasons last a different amount of time in different biomes, but in all of them, a full year will take 84 game days.

Like most systems in Stonehearth, seasons are fully moddable. Mods can alter the seasons in the default biomes, and modded biomes can have any number of seasons of any length, using both existing and custom weather types, foliage assets, and seasonal crop preferences.

⚠️ Season-based foliage appearance will not apply on savegames made before this version.

Geomancer Fixes

Thank you for testing the Geomancer feature! Here are the fixes made as a result of your error reports:

  • Added storage categories for geomancer resources and products.
  • Improved golem performance.
  • Fixed golems trying to wear human clothing.
  • Fixed summoning stones appearing as placeable in the builder menu.
  • Fixed an error when deploying golems on non-terrain surfaces.
  • Fixed an error when placing geomancer mimic stones on non-terrain surfaces.
  • Fixed summoned landmarks sometimes being offset by 1 voxel in each dimension.
  • Fixed terrain patches generating terrain over zones (stockpiles, farms, etc.).
  • Fixed geomancer activities not displaying in the AI activity label.
  • Fixed several geomancer strings not being localizable.

Other Changes

  • Added new crafting rewards for Northern Alliance shrine upgrades.
  • Added more options to input bin filters.
  • Added new sound effects to berry harvesting, forges, entlings, and the Crystalline Arbalest.
  • Added new portraits to the Amberstone campaign.
  • Added several new mild weather types.
  • Removed auto-targeting of animals from Northern Alliance combat untis other than archers.
  • Improved UI performance.
  • Improved crafting performance.
  • Increased the default and maximum citizen limit to 30 and 80, respectively.
  • Increased landmark spawn chance.
  • Increased the appeal and price of Rabbit items.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the UI that caused it to slow down over time.
  • Fixed a crash in reachability checking.
  • Fixed an error in crafting code that could cause orders to get stuck.
  • Fixed traveler NPCs immediately leaving after they arrive in town.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the injured rabbit quest to become unbeatable.
  • Fixed an error in the Northern Alliance rabbit raid encounters.
  • Fixed a missing goblin animation.
  • Fixed an error when naming the town while the banner is being moved.
  • Fixed berry bushes spawning on mountains in the temperate biome.
  • Fixed several typos in the Northern Alliance campaign.
  • Fixed conversations between guards leading to staring contests.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause re-embarkation with modded classes to fail.
  • Fixed an error when using consumables stored in containers.
  • Fixed ladder undeploy icons appearing too high.
  • Fixed immigrant citizens spawning in unreachable places.
  • Fixed items being placeable such that they overlap zones (stockpiles, farms, etc.)
  • Fixed the iconic blacksmith workbench having wrong material tags.

Have fun!
Team Stonehearth