Alpha 24.5 Now on Steam Unstable

Steam Workshop Support

In this push to unstable we’ve added support for Steam Workshop mods. Everyone can now upload their own mods, and subscribe to existing mods to automatically get all the latest updates. See the full announcement here.

  • Added ‘Browse on Steam Workshop’ button in mod screen
  • Added a create/update flow for Steam Workshop in mod screen
  • Added the ability to unsubscribe from mods
  • Added a steam_uploads folder to the list of places mods are loaded from
  • Added the ‘client_only’ flag to mod manifests for translation mods
  • Added the ‘namespace’ field so folders don’t have to match the mod name.
  • Removed the ‘deferred_load’ flag, mods can no longer be hot loaded (manifests can).

Little Fixes and Improvements

  • Added dialog for the Town Tier 3 celebration.
  • Changed the crafted trader stalls to summon a random trader from the pool of currently available traders instead of a single preset trader with a tiny inventory.
  • Increased chances of higher tier traders.
  • Reduced thunderstorm lightning damage, and likelihood of hitting trees and citizens.
  • Balanced legendary armor and weapons (initial pass).
  • Balanced Hearth of Glory enemy loot drops to be slightly smaller and have a chance to drop iron and steel.
  • Removed sandstorm/thunderstorm damage on peaceful mode.
  • Fixed shepherds whistling forever at baby animals.
  • Fixed a mislabeled potted berry bush recipe.
  • Fixed display of item recipes with 0 appeal.
  • Fixed invisible dialog buttons being clickable.
  • Fixed several typos.

Have fun!
Team Stonehearth