Release notes for Alpha 24.1

Plant Tweaks

  • Removed Appeal from seeds (so hearthlings don’t end up loving something that will only leave them)
  • Frostsnap can now be undeployed
  • Adjusted berry bush ‘budding’ form so they look less like bushes ready for harvesting
  • Adjusted the base of the Sugarbell plant, giving it a more varied exterior edge and a hint at a stem base

Other Improvements

  • Undeploy orders (to remove placed furniture or decorations) now have a higher priority, so they should happen more quickly and reliably
  • Fix crafters being able to skip recipe requirements by switching jobs
  • More classes can now Build structures (Blacksmith, Engineer, Trapper, Shepherd, and Weaver). Building is at a lower piority than their other Job functions, so they shouldn’t abandon their post just to help build
  • Fix performance when mining underwater

Friendly reminder that saves made on unstable are not guaranteed to work between unstable versions, but saves from different stable alpha versions will work (your A23 saves should still work with this build). Feedback is always appreciated and the bug reports posted on the forums are super helpful for development.

Have fun,
-Team Stonehearth