A24 now on Steam unstable

Hello, Alpha 24. So Unstable It Doesn’t Even Have a Name Yet!

Welcome to the very first, super unstable build of Alpha 24. This build contains the very *latest* from our main code branch. In fact, it’s so early that the main feature of A24, BUILDING IMPROVEMENTS, isn’t even present yet. However, there will be other features in this alpha, and we do have a number of things we’d like to get your eyes on soonest, mainly around the work Artist Malley has been putting into plants and plant life cycles. Let’s get to it!

The Best Laid Plants of Mice and Hearthlings

The world of Hearth is alive! One way to show this is through tree-life cycle simulation, and a bunch of features that allow you to better integrate new and existing plants into your town.

  • All plants now sometimes drop seeds on harvest that can be replanted. Seeds disappear after 1 week if not replanted (to avoid clogging inventory).
  • Added recipes to Herbalist for converting plant resources to more seeds of that type.
  • Added Sugarbell plant and Sugar resource and cooking recipes (cooking recipes are still WIP), and implemented Sugarbell plant into both forest and desert biomes (much more common in forest).
  • Added Tulip Cactus (3 colors) and Wax Cactus (2 colors) and implemented into only desert biome (Tulip Cactus drops herbs, Wax Cactus drops nothing but seeds).
  • Adjusted plants randomly seeded in the world to be undeployable (so you can put them into your inventories).
  • Added wild Carrot plant, implemented only into forest biome.
  • Tree crops grow faster.
  • Varanus now additionally drop portions of “Varanus Meat” and Cook has a recipe for roasting up some tasty Varanus dinners.
  • Added Cook recipes for all future animals (Any recipe labeled “Coming Soon!” cannot be made currently).

Other Improvements

  • Added/adjusted various animations of animals which are not yet implemented in the game.
  • Added Skeleton Eyes to mob_color_map (so their eyes now glow).
  • Adjusted the order of crafter’s recipes to be standardized across the crafters.
  • Reduced the frequency of conversations by half-ish (social need builds up 50% as fast as it used to).
  • Stone, Log, Clay, and Wheat Piles have slightly positive Appeal.
  • More classes can now Build structures (Blacksmith, Engineer, Trapper, Shepherd, and Weaver). Building is at a lower priority than their other Job functions, so they shouldn’t abandon their post just to help build.
  • Fix performance when mining underwater.

As usual saves made on unstable are not guaranteed to work between unstable versions, but saves from different stable alpha versions will work. Saves from stable to unstable should also work, so your A23 saves should work with this build. Feedback is always appreciated and the bug reports posted on the forums are super helpful for development.

Finally, you may have noticed that the format of the release notes has changed! This is to save us time in our build process.

Have fun,
-Team Stonehearth