Player Survival Tips: Part Three

We asked our community of Stonehearth veterans and near-veterans to provide some advice to new players. Here is Part Three. (You should also check out Parts One and Two.)

  • Generally, settling near a small patch of berries (6 or so plants) is good enough to last you till 9 or so hearthlings.
  • Set your hearthling with the highest speed to be your initial trapper as it will net you more resources.
  • Don’t rush; masons and blacksmith can wait, the worse thing you can do is over-promote your hearthlings and be left with 1-2 workers for the base city foundation.
  • Make a carpenter early, mostly for making beds, tables, and chairs (less food consumption and higher morale) and for a farmer’s hoe and maybe a wooden sword.
  • Create 3 10×10 plots of soil with carrots, turnips and pumpkins to begin, this will get you a good base food supply alongside your trapper (can swap out turnips for corn, preferably after 1 harvest).
  • If you don’t wanna have to deal with footmen… then don’t, just set up walls to keep invaders out, or settle in a valley and don’t build ladders up till you’re prepared. Wandering goblin parties can totally ruin a fun time if you’re not prepared.
  • Build extra tables to sell for gold to buy upgraded worker’s clothing early on as it will increase their speed.
    There is hardly any valid reason to ever settle on a mountain peak, unless you want to build a system of ladders for farmers/trappers to transport food up and down the mountain (since you can’t create farms/trapping areas on rock). Unless you know what you’re doing, your hearthlings will starve and your hearthlings will die

— Aviex

I also always use 10×10 farm plots. One of each food type and two of silkweed. Two farmers handle it well.
— SaintInix

When your footmen are refusing to fight something, turn on defense mode for a little extra punch of courage to fight. Your hearthlings will come help too, yes, but your footmen just might stop running around like girly men and fight like barbarians.
— Maevyn

Keep your civilians in a party with the blue flag in your town, this can save wayward villagers as toggling town defense will recall your civilians to your town, also good to use if you want to stop a villager from going to gather that distant object as the sun sets.
— Mogarl

As I was not party (hah!) to the original design of the party system, I feel it would be fair to submit this experience-earned knowledge: With the current party system, I put all my footmen in one party (attack), and all my other people in another party (defend). I assign the defend party a blue-flag location in a defensible place (a cave, the inside of a house, etc) so that when invaders are sighted and I hit R/Town Defense, they all go to that location from wherever they are in the map. hearthlings prioritize party commands over everything else, so I can be sure they won’t be caught alone and vulnerable wherever they are. If monsters DO get to them, then hopefully they can gang up on them. Then, I gauge the direction of the threat, and put the attack party’s red flag down somewhere between the defend party and the advancing threat. This means that wherever my footmen are, and whoever they happen to be fighting, they run to the red banner and regroup. This means the threat hits the footmen before the workers, and it also prevents my footmen from being picked off one-by-one. Since a high body stat means high speed, usually, the footmen can get there before the enemies do. If the fighting gets really bad, I turn off town defense mode, so that people can run away and maybe regain health before hitting town defense again to pull them back into formation.

Finally, I have to remember to add/remove people between the parties when I get/promote new citizens.
— sdee (Team Radiant)