Player Survival Tips: Part One

We asked our community of Stonehearth veterans and near-veterans to provide some advice to new players. Here is Part One of their responses.

Always try to look for a location with some basic early resources, especially food. Once your people begin to settle more and some supplies are gathered and structures made, you can begin to switch over to more satisfying food sources like crops and prepared meals. You can also begin to spread out to other regions, like the mountains for mining.
— Atralane

I’ve been playing the game for about 10 hours now, and every time my village would gather some decent amount of gold, some pesky goblin would keep stealing it. So I carved a rather large cave into the mountainside and made a stockpile for all my valuables, blocking it off with a stonewall and reinforced door.
So my advice: Make sure you don’t leave your gold out in the open, goblins could swoop down at any moment.
— Brochy

Always strike a balance. Don’t upgrade all your hearthlings to the more elaborate classes [right away]. Try to keep at least 4 workers for the early parts of the game. My suggested starting build:
Find an area near natural food sources to start.
1 Carpenter
1 Trapper
1 Farmer
4 Workers
Between gathering resources, building houses, beds from your carpenter, and food/supplies from your trapper and farmer, new hearthlings will be flooding to your town in no time.
— Solus

Focus on your food supply first, beds work just as well outdoors.
— Cannon0006

If you start on a foothill, use the terrain to your advantage – fences are nice defenses for narrow ledges.
Mountains are highly defensible, but hard to live in – for now, found your settlement farther down.
In the plains, lakes are a nice substitute for moats or trenches, though those can help too.
— coasterspaul

I would have to say make a farmer as early as you can. That way you can keep a steady flow of food going and morale will be high.
— Hogwartscat

At the start of your campaign, make sure you have a bed for every hearthling and promote at least 1, I prefer 2, hearthlings into a Farmer and 1 into a Footman. This way you can start to farm early at an accelerated pace, all under the protection of your Footman. I personally like to craft 2 Farmer’s Hoes, 8 Mean Beds and then just craft 20 shields or something of the likes of that to sell to the first vendor to come wandering into my hamlet, just to boost my economy very early on. Using this “strategy” I always meet the goals for the first Daily Update and thus you get your first additional hearthling.
— Bastiaan_Doolhoff

Make sure your footmen have a high amount of HP so they can take more hits, but you should also make sure they have high courage; that way they will actually fight the monsters and not run away.
— 8BitCrab

  • mortjep9530

    an early expansion to stone mallets and wooden shields for 1 footman would keep the occasional 4 monsters away easely.

    another tip to add if not already added: make a group for medium to high XP villagers for a “emergency army” and prepare atleast stone hammers+wooden shields for them all. a group of just 4 or more normal heathlings turned to simple footman combined with your existing high xp+HP footman/footmen will be enough to clear out the miniboss village that spawns later while building the village