Now on Steam Unstable: We Half Something for You

Now arriving on our Steam Unstable branch… it’s Alpha 22.5!

All the goodness of Alpha 22 — and moar. We couldn’t wait to bring you a few cool new features (and some needed fixes), but we’re not ready to unveil what’s hiding in the Alpha 23 box for a while yet. (Way to craft suspense, right? Get it? Craft suspense? We’ll say no more [..except that Brad writes these updates –ed].) We don’t usually do these “half releases”, but there’s a lot of work going into Alpha 23 (and some other long-term projects), and we don’t want to keep you waiting, so we’ll continue to add some new smaller stuff to 22.5 in the weeks to come.

Here’s what’s inside this surprise release (let’s call this one 22.5.1):

  • For all of you who want it to be easier still to bind shortcut keys you can now do this from the UI. You can even make mods with shortcut keys!
  • You can go into and out of fullscreen with alt-enter, and switch from fullscreen to other apps w/o minimizing Stonehearth
  • Conversation tuning
  • Fixed a bug where clerics stopped healing if someone became incapacitated (because duh)

There might be some other surprises lurking in the release… but we’ll let you discover those for yourselves…

More soon! As always, feedback eagerly sought.
Thanks to everyone for your support.