Monster Stream Tuesday!

Oh, yes! It’s a supersized livestream. With monsters. (In all ways, then, a monster stream.) On Tuesday — that’s tomorrow, November 24.

Our artist Allie has been hard at work conceptualizing a number of monsters and creatures we’re aiming to introduce in Alpha 14 as part of an enhanced encounter system. (That’s one of her concepts at the top of this post.)

Tom will be on with a special extended stream Tuesday (with occasional breaks) as he takes these concepts “from vision to voxels” — so join us as he models the wild things that soon will be inhabiting your Stonehearth worlds.

The exact time he’ll start streaming… is a mystery whose answer is known only to Tom. So to make sure you don’t miss all the excitement, subscribe to our Twitch channel ( and you’ll get a notification as soon as we’re live!

Tony will also be streaming as usual on Wednesday morning at 8.30 am Pacific. That will be the last stream this week, as Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US.

See you on the stream!