Getting Started

Welcome to the world of Stonehearth! If you’re just starting out, you may wonder exactly what to do first to get your settlement off the ground. So as your hearthlings plant their banner and settle into their new home, here’s some guidance to help get them started.

Harvesting Resources

To build anything you’ll need raw materials. The two most common resources are wood, harvested from trees, and stone, dug from the earth or mined from mountains. You’ll need both to construct buildings or craft tools and goods.


Click the “harvest’ button in the main toolbar to harvest this stuff. There are two main options, “gather” and “mine.”

  • Gather. Gather trees, plants, and stones from the surface of the land. Use this both to clear the land and make space for buildings, and to gather raw materials.
  • Mine. Tunnel into the earth. As you mine into soil, you’ll uncover a small amount of stone resource. Mining into the side of a mountain will get you a lot more, along with minerals that may come in handy down the road. You can also use the mining tool to dig your own subterranean rooms and tunnels.

Once you have some raw materials, you’re ready to start planning and building your town.

Town Planning: Storing Stuff and Designating Zones

Zones determine how an area of land should be used. By placing zones on the ground, you designate that portion of land for tasks like storage, farming, or pasture land. Setting up and managing your zones is a big part of town management. Additionally, your Carpenter can now craft crates, which are a more compact and efficient means of storage.


 To make a new zone

  1. Click the “Designate Zones” button in the main toolbar
  2. Choose a zone type. Initially only the Stockpile zone is available, for storing things.
  3. Drag out a box on the ground to create the zone.

The Stockpile zone is the most common zone type. Hearthlings will automatically move resources and crafted items into stockpiles, for tidy storage.


The more advanced zones like farms and pastures are unlocked by promoting your hearthlings from mere workers into skilled professionals.

Specializing Your Hearthlings with Jobs

citizens_uiEvery member of your town has a job. At the start of the game, all your hearthlings are Workers. Workers are great at hauling stuff around, harvesting resources, and erecting buildings, but that’s about it. They’re hearty but unskilled laborers.

To specialize your hearthlings and give them more advanced skills, promote them to new jobs. Every job has a required tool. For instance, to promote someone from a Worker to a Carpenter, you’ll need a Carpenter’s Saw.

To promote a hearthling

  1. Click the citizens button in the main toolbar, then click on the hearthling to promote
  2. Click the “Change Jobs” button
  3. Choose the job that you want to promote to, and approve the promotion.

Every hearthling can change jobs at any time, but can only work in one job role at a time.

TIP: At the start of the game you’ll need a Carpenter and at least one food producer, either a Farmer or a Trapper.


Producing Food

The first major challenge your folks will face is hunger. No food, no town.

Initially, two jobs are food producers: the Farmer and the Trapper. Farms are more work to maintain, but produce more food in the long run.

To get going, promote a Worker, then designate a zone: either a farm or a trapping ground, depending on which way you’ve decided to go.

You’ll find that raw foodstuffs spoil quickly… but cooked food, not as fast.  A Level 1 Farmer can be promoted to be a Cook (with a Spoon crafted by a Mason), thus helping to stretch your food supply.



Stars and campfires are romantic, but soon you’re going to want to house your people.

You’ve got two ways to construct buildings. Both are accessed from the “Build & Design” button on the main toolbar.

  • Place Building: Drop in a pre-planned building from several designs.
  • Design Building: Design your own building from scratch. Be creative!

TIP: If you’re unsure how to start, you can’t go wrong by placing the “Shared Sleeping Quarters” first. Just remember to tell your Carpenter to craft all the required building parts: a door, windows, and beds.


Defending Yourself

As your town grows, you’ll start to attract some unwanted attention. Here are a couple of tips on defending against invaders:

Promote some hearthlings to the Footman job. The Footman is a soldier who will automatically patrol your town and fend off invaders. Their combat training makes them a lot tougher than civilians.

In a pinch, rally your workers to fight by clicking Fight & Defend -> Town Defense Mode.

Good Luck!

Hopefully this has given you enough of a push to get going building your own town. There’s lots to do in Stonehearth. Go forth, and don’t be afraid to experiment!