How do I buy and install the game?

For now we are just selling the game through the Humble Bundle. To buy go to  http://stonehearth.net/store/  and fill out the widget there.

You’ll receive an email with instructions for downloading and installing the game. There are three ways to install the game.

  1. Download and run the Windows installer
  2. Download and unzip the game to install it manually
  3. Retrieve your Steam key from your Humble Bundle page and install the game through Steam. (See below)

How do I install the game in Steam?

You can’t buy Stonehearth on Steam yet, but you can install it through Steam once you buy it at http://stonehearth.net/store/. Buy the game, then go to your Stonehearth download page in Humble Bundle. The link was emailed to you when you bought Stonehearth. Then click on the “Click here for your Steam key” link. Click the Steam button and copy the code.



Next, run steam and select Games -> Activate a Product on Steam… from the menus. Paste your code into the box, and you’re all set!

When can I buy Stonehearth though Steam?

The answer is “when it’s ready for Steam.” We will release to Steam when the game is fleshed out enough to accurately represent what the full game will eventually be. Releasing to Steam is a very serious step for us, so we’re not going to rush it.

How many people are working on the game?

Team Stonehearth is up to 6 developers: 5 coders, 1 artist, 1 animator, 1 writer, and 1 sound designer. Yes, that adds up to more than 6. 😉 Since we’re a small team, most of us fill multiple roles.

When will you add Mac/Linux support?

We will start on the Mac and Linux ports once the game is close to feature complete and moves into beta.

What language is the game written in?

We’ve written our own engine in C++ and OpenGL. Most of the gameplay is scripted in LUA. The gui is written in HTML/JS.

  • paul

    we can play it for free

    • mortjep9530

      no. doing so is illegal by law in most countries and can give you a sentance of different proportions depending on where you live.

      playing this game without buying it will count as theft.