DT: Water Additions

Hey everyone, welcome to another Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday! The team has wrapped up Alpha 23, and is now off and racing on the overhaul of our building system, multiplayer, and a bunch of encounters. Before we get into that, though, I’d like to share another unexpected gift from the holidays–a water feature that Albert worked on, in his own time. Please take a look at the video below! This feature so destabilizes the physics/collision code in the game that we do not want to put it in officially, but if you’d really like it, let us know and we will consider adding it as a mod.

Stonehearth is now Turning Complete

Recap from the video:

  • Albert made crates float
  • And used them to build an inverter
  • which he then used to make a NOR gate
  • Which he then used to make an adder
  • And then a 4-bit adder
  • Which can now calculate sums of binary numbers
  • Meaning that you can now use water to build a computer inside Stonehearth
  • …That run Stonehearth? (Left as an exercise to the viewer)


Other Announcements

Europe Stream tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8:30am PST! See you there!

Streams as usual will happen on Thursdays at 6:00pm PST.