DT: The Trader Stall

Hey Everyone! Alpha 15 is now on Steam Stable and Humble Bundle, and as of today, we are three whole days into Alpha 16’s development! After six weeks of performance and bugfixing, working on features again is like an all-day celebration for the whole team. Alpha 16 will be about advanced combat: adding tanks, dps, and ranged attacks to both your hearthling town defenders, and to enemy attackers. Before we go whole hog on the new stuff, though, I wanted to take one more Desktop Tuesday to call your attention to the very last feature that made it into A15: The Trader Stall.

The Trader Stall

Recap from the video:

  • Is your town inventory full to bursting? Have your carpenter craft a Trader Stall out of a wood pile and cloth
  • Make sure your wood pile is in storage; there’s a bug right now where hearthlings can’t find wood piles outside storage, and crafters aren’t supposed to be able to undeploy placed items automatically, wood piles included
  • Place the crafted trader stall in the world, and use a button on the unit frame to call a merchant to the stall
  • The merchant is from distant lands to the west!
  • You can interact with the merchant or the stall to sell your goods (and buy a few basics)
  • After a few hours, the merchant will depart. You will be able to call another merchant in a little bit.
  • Protect the merchant! Monsters find merchants just as tasty as they find hearthling townsfolk
  • Many thanks to Linda for all her hard work on the Trader Stall!
  • Also, Albert continues to make progress on his machine. 😉 Elevation and positioning challenges!

We got a number of good suggestions about how to improve the Trader Stall last week, when it made its debut in the last unstable build before A15 went live. We didn’t have time to implement them before A15 finalized, but definitely expect to see at least some of your suggested enhancements in A16: fixes to the aforementioned bug, trader stalls for the potter, so Rayya’s Children can get it sooner, and whatever else we manage to get to. Thanks always for your good ideas and for having our backs as we explore the game design together. 😀

Other Announcements

Tuesday’s stream will move early by half an hour, to 5:30pm PST. The Wednesday and Thursday streams will happen at their usual times.