DT: The Geomancer

Hey Everyone, welcome to our second to last Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday! Today let’s talk a bit more about the rabbit clan we first mentioned a few weeks ago, and about a class we’ve long been excited to add to the game: the terrain modifying, ore-vein growing, golem making, landmark-growing Geomancer.

The Geomancer

When you first start a game of Stonehearth you may notice that the landscape is now dotted with strange landmarks. Flat low stones lie in the grass, and big stumps can appear in the forests. And sometimes… well, giant titan faces seem to appear in the landscape too! What is up with these mysterious ruins? Where DID those rabbit statues come from anyway?

Later, after your tier 2 hearth quest, you will receive your first hint of the existence of Clan Amberstone, our Rabbit NPCs. If you follow this quest to its conclusion, you will win the trust of the rabbit people, and attract rabbit immigrants. You may even gain a powerful weapon to use against the titan.

If you’re very persistent, you can even persuade the rabbits to teach you the ancient powers of the earth, Geomancy.

The geomancer’s talisman is topped with Amberstone, the substance with allows the rabbits to continue to persist in the world long after their cycle. With it, you can promote a hearthing to this ancient and powerful class.

After creating the geomancer’s two workbenches, one for creating stones and one for creating golems, you’ll soon discover that early stage geomancers can craft stones that extrude square hills of dirt, stone and terrain into the world.

Second level geomancers can build wet and dry stones of various sizes, allowing you to control the water in the world.

Advanced geomancers can build golems: stone laborers that can help your hearthlings haul and mine. Because these golems are simpler than hearthlings, having no need to eat or sleep, they’re also a great way to enhance your workforce without inviting further performance issues. This feature, one of my favorites, was originally mentioned during the kickstarter, and got a new lease on life when Artist Allie drew pictures of how ancient Rabbit soceity may once have worked: that giant carrots were ferried around by epic golems, as opposed to the shorter, rounder rabbit folk.

The most advanced geomancers can plant spreading ore veins in the ground, allowing your hearthlings to harvest ever increasing amounts of tin, copper, iron, silver, and gold.

Finally, they can raise great and intricate landmarks from the earth as well, such as this beautiful geyser waterfall topped with trees. We hope that these landmarks help your towns grow even more unique and beautiful, and that they lend flavor to multiple playthroughs of the game.

For those of you who have been around since the beginning, you may remember that Creator Tom drew the first sketch of the geomancer around the kickstarter, and colored her to serve as our Alpha 1 splash art. This last spring, Aritst Malley worked incredibly hard to merge Engineer Albert’s terrain system with artist-authored qubicle models. His work, implemented for real by Max and aesthetically tuned by Allie, has brought Tom’s original sketch, as well as much of the game, to life.

Other Announcements

In case you missed it, Stonehearth is going 1.0! You can find the full announcement and what it means for the game, here.

Streams! There will be one more normal Thursday stream this week at 6:00pm PST on, one more Desktop Tuesday next week, and a final, all-day stream celebrating all your amazing creations, on Thursday, 7/26. This stream will start at 9:00am PST, for all of you in Europe, and continue until 7:00pm PST for those of you who enjoy the usual streaming schedule. We’ll be talking about all the amazing things you’ve been building and doing, playing the game, and answering modding questions. See you there!