DT: The Dread Varanus

Hey everyone! This week, Team Stonehearth has made enormous progress on a variety of performance related bugs. In particular, many thanks to Mindemann, whose castle has unveiled a ton of bugs and potential optimizations. Work to get that behemoth building is underway, with contributions from every member of the whole team, as that particular design stresses a number of distinct subsystems: mining regions, dependency plotting, resource estimation, scaffolding building, physics, and more!

In the meantime, since it’s quite challenging to do a write-up of a problem still in flight, and since many of you expressed enjoyment of our Making-Of-Stone-Golem video a few weeks ago, this week’s Desktop Tuesday is a retrospective one of Alpha 14’s star monsters, the Dread Varanus.

The Dread Varanus

Recap from the video:

  • Inspired by Allie’s hometown monster, the alligator snapping turtle
  • Allie struggled with the design of the head and eventually decided on the dragon-in-a-cave look
  • Chosen by Tom because it passed his aesthetic tests for chunky/cuteness
  • Allie envisioned a terrible monster, Tom envisioned a cute, dog-sized lizard
  • Once Tom saw the critter in the game, he agreed with Allie, this was a monster
  • Tom adjusted the animations, and Linda adjusted the stats, accordingly

Other Notes

We are using all your saves to inspire our performance improvements. ALL YOUR SAVES! Thank you so much and please keep them coming!

Chris has used your templates to fix a ton of building bugs. Keep those templates coming too!

Streams will happen as scheduled this week. See you online!