DT: The Black Cord

Hey Everyone, it’s Tuesday and Alpha 14 is on Steam Unstable! If you want to play with the herbalist, the new combat controls, and meet some new monsters, hop onto the unstable branch and give it a whirl. As usual, please file your bugs to

For this Desktop Tuesday, I thought it might be nice to take a look at what Alpha 14 reveals about our undead faction, The Order of the Black Cord.

The Order of the Black Cord

Recap from the video:

  • Undead attack every night! Why is this? Where are they coming from?
  • Skeletons have names that are kind of old-timey
  • Zombies have names that are disconcertingly “modern”
  • A14 introduces ambient encounters that stay in one place until you either engage with them, or until they move on
  • Giant Zombie! Giant Zombie is protecting Master’s treasure!
  • Giant zombie does not burn up in sunlight
  • Oh yes, the necromancer’s crypt.
  • Built by the Phoenix Empire, surrounded by sarcophagi of The Black Cord.
  • Linda did a super job with the collision regions around the crypt door.


Other Announcements

The whole team is now on A14 bugfixing and performance tweaking duty, and will be there for the next few weeks, so if you see a bug, be sure to post it to our forum.

We’re also working on building, so if you have a template that is not building, please upload it to this thread.

Streams will happen as scheduled this week, so hopefully we’ll see you there later tonight, tomorrow morning, and Thursday!