DT: RC Building Templates

Hey Everyone, Happy American Thanksgiving! This week, as the team prepares Alpha 13 for the Steam Stable branch, I thought it would be nice to take a behind the scenes look at the brand new building templates we created for Rayya’s Children, and how they got the visual style they did.

Flat, Bright, Cool Boxes

Main points, recapped:

  • The new templates serve the same gameplay function as the existing templates, but offer stylistic and flavor differences
  • The wooden walls and peaked roofs of the Ascendancy would be culturally and environmentally inappropriate for a culture that got its start in the desert
  • Rayya’s Children architecture is pale to reflect the sun’s heat, and incorporates lots of ways for heat to escape
  • The architecture and the desert are both inspired by New Mexico
  • Their furniture is arranged in ways that imply discussions of trade and philosophy
  • New tech features we created to support this: flat roofs, scaffolding on interior walls so that the houses can be placed side by side

We look forward to seeing the things you guys create with all the new clay building tools!

Stream Schedule:

American Thanksgiving is on Thursday, so Tom is streaming off and on much of the day today, instead. Join him right now at:

Tony will stream tomorrow morning at the usual time. See you all next week!