DT: Options and Illustrations

Hey Everyone, welcome back from American Thanksgiving! This week, Team Stonehearth is focusing on a few pesky Alpha 13 bugs, mostly involving sloped roofs (fallout from the flat roof feature). While we do that, I thought it might be nice to take a closer look at the new Alpha 13 storybook opening screen, in particular the tech and thought that bring Allie’s gorgeous illustrations to life.

An Illuminated Manuscript Describing Your Story

To recap from the video:

  • Tom thought it would be really neat if you could embark through an in-world illustrated manuscript that showed your story, as you chose it.
  • Tom made illustrated manuscript borders inspired by the stained glass art already in the game.
  • Yang used and improved some text related javascript libraries to create the progressive story experience, and hooked up all of the illustration permutations
  • Allie made composable pictures of our three kingdoms, their three biomes, and the monsters in each
  • Allie describes her inspiration and thoughts behind each illustration

The storybook opening should naturally extend as mods add kingdoms and biomes, so we look forward to how it grows as you add your things to the game!