DT: MP Playtest

Hey everyone, as we continue to work on Alpha 23 (AI improvements, Appeal, Crafting Upgrades) we also continue to work on long term, high impact projects. We’re very excited to share some of Engineer Angelo and Designer Richard’s work with on on this topic.

MP Playtest

Recap from the video:

  • This is a recording of a playtest of a tech demo. As a result, everything in this video is super early, especially the gameplay, which is full of not even bugs–let’s just call them unimplemented features. For example, in this version of the game, everything involving encounters (monsters, traders, etc) only works for “player one” and nobody else.
  • Do not expect to see this in the game any time soon! For more details on all the technical hurdles we still have to overcome, visit us next week for a more traditional Desktop Tuesday, or come to Stream 300, which will be on Thursday, 11/16 at 6:00pm PST on

Preview of next week’s video: Why this, why now? We’ve always said that multiplayer was something we wanted to address after single player was complete. However, as Designer Richard and Engineer Angelo were going through looking at overarching game concepts we should tackle, we as a team realized that from a game design perspective, not designing with MP in mind from the beginning would be as problematic to the design as not engineering for MP from the beginning would have been from a tech perspective.  Hence this prototype.


Other Announcements

Come to Stream 300 on Thursday of this week! We’ll have it on at 6:00pm PST. See you there!