DT: Alpha 22.5 Updates!

Hey everyone, welcome to another Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday! In the spirit of brief updates between chunkier updates we’re ready to share, let me show you what’s new in our latest release to Steam, Alpha 22.5!

A22.5 Updates!

We don’t usually make point releases, but as the team is working on a variety of long term projects at the moment, and as we won’t start Alpha 23 until our new designer, Luke gets here in a couple of weeks, we wanted to have a vehicle for getting you a few of the miscellaneous fixes and quality of life improvements we’re making in between other features.

First among these is Max’s UI for Carl’sn original hotkey unification project. From this UI, you can see the game’s hotkeys, and bind them to one or two new keys of your choosing. In the process of making this UI, Malley, Richard, and Nikki also went through and noticed a bunch of buttons that could use hotkeys but don’t, so hopefully we’ll be seeing some of those here as we add them. 

The other really cool thing that Max did between working on high level projects with Richard was fix full-screen so it no longer requires a restart. Instead, you can hit Alt+Enter to go into and out of full screen mode. As an added bonus, when in full screen mode, you can leave the game to do things in other monitor windows without having the game minimize, which is super convenient when you’re a dev or modder and you want to check the game against its source.

This release also sees the triumphant return of Morgan, who was an intern with our team last summer. Though the Animal Tamer class she built for us last summer is still waiting on a number of design revisions to classes in general, she quickly got back into the saddle with a fix to a nasty bug preventing clerics from healing when someone in their party got incapacitated. Go say hello to her on via her handle @morgan10e

She’ll also have a few more food-related traits for you all in a subsequent release, plus some work to prevent pets from charging blindly into combat along with their owners, causing them to get slaughtered.

In tune with your feedback, we’ve also made some tuning adjustments to conversations and to the hearthling sleeping thoughts. A few easter eggs have also snuck into the release, so we look forward to your interpretations of these and more as we march towards Alpha 23.

By the way, if you’re a modder and you haven’t yet played with our new Lua console in debugtools, now is also a great time to hit that up! Unlike the normal console, which you can get to with Ctrl+C while debugtools is enabled, and which allows you to run a number of pre-set commands that alter the game, Max’s Lua console allows you to assign variables to objects in the world, and manipulate them actively with Lua code. In this example, I set this hearthling to the variable A, and this other hearthling to variable B. I can make them super big!. I can then force them to have a conversation! Basically, anything you could do in a .lua code file can now be done in the running game itself, which is incredibly useful for debugging features.

Other Announcements

  • We’ll have our quarterly EU-timed stream tomorrow, Wednesday, 8/9, and 8:30am PST. Come with thoughts about our current direction, questions, and feedback!
  • We’re going to skip next week’s Desktop Tuesday (8/15) due to some emergency work travel that I have to do. The rest of the team will still be around though, and the stream on Thursday 8/17 should still happen at 6:00pm PST. Desktop Tuesday will return on 8/22. See you there!