Desktop Tuesdays: The Goblin Faction, Now with Wolves!

It’s Tuesday, and Tuesday means desktop screenshots.  Up this week, Goblins! Remember, these are work-in-progress assets that have yet to make it into the game.

The shot above is a wolf mount, probably for a high level goblin commander.  Notice the absence of legs (told you these were WIPs). Below you can see three different variants of goblins.  We’re still playing around with ideas for how these can factor into the game.  The variants could denote class (melee figher, archer, mage), status (combat unit, peasant, elder), or something else entirely.


Both of these shots are from Qubicle Contructor, an awesome voxel editor.  The goblins’ hands look like big slabs, but they do actually have individual fingers, which you can see from the last screenshot of the rigged and animated goblin, carrying a brick.  The outlined boxes are the rig bones.  You can see there are bones for main-hand and off-hand weapons, which aren’t used in this carry animation but will come in handy later when I move to combat animations.


That’s it for this Tuesday.  Post a comment if you’d like to hear more about or asset pipeline, and how we go from voxels to a fully rigged and animated in-game character.