Desktop Tuesdays, Speed Sculpt!

Hi. I’m continuing to flesh out the enemies that you’ll encounter in the game. Today I’m working on a heavy/tank sort of guy. Whereas the goblins are our cannon-fodder, nuisance type of monster, these guys will be a much more menacing threat. Here’s a speed sculpt of my progress so far.

What do you think? Too beefy? I want him to sort of waddle around with a a bull-in-chinashop kind of vibe. The legs could be a touch longer maybe.

Updated!, 2:52 P.M.

Made the leg one voxel longer, dropped the shoulders by one voxel, and added a jaw so the poor guy can eat (hopefully not you!).  Now we’re getting somewhere.


  • Luke Hand

    He looks cute, I could imagine taming one by trapping them in a hole and feeding them sheep.