Desktop Tuesday: The Rabbit Clan

Hey Everyone! It’s been quite a week. Team Radiant has officially moved into its new office, Alpha 12 is on the Steam Stable branch (though a few patches are no doubt coming, and we’re waiting on them before updating Humble Bundle), and we hope you’re enjoying Candledark II, Return of Candledark, this year’s official Halloween-themed mod from community superstar Froggy!

With all this going on, plus tons of work on memory usage, performance, and some important code cleanup (modders, all our components now follow our controller interface for a clearer save/load experience!) we thought we’d treat ourselves to a mini-vacation and work on one of our “dessert” projects: The Rabbit Clan!

Mysterious, Ancient Peoples

We actually think about the Rabbit Clan all the time. We know all sorts of things, like where they live, where they’re from, why you don’t see very many of them, and of course, what’s up with the rabbit statues you sometimes find all over the map. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out how to best reveal this sort of stuff in the game. And, of course, we know that they’re fierce warriors. Will they be your allies? Or your enemies?

More to come in a distant, future Alpha! (This means: not A13. Longer!)

This Week’s Stream Schedule

This week’s stream schedule will be normal on Tuesday/Thursday, but we are moving the Wed, 10/28 stream by 1.5 hours, to 10:00am, PST. Again, that’s Wednesday, 10/28/15, 10:00am PST.