Desktop Tuesday: The Potter!

Hey Everyone,¬†Stephanie here. Team Radiant spent all day yesterday moving ourselves into our new space, with Yang getting the award for being the first person back up, running, and connected to Stonehearth’s github:


Here, she and Chris are profiling Stonehearth’s C++ usage, so we can continue making all parts of the game as fast and efficient as possible. Go Yang and Chris!

The rest of us have since joined her and are continuing our push to get a stable Alpha 12 to you soon. Albert, for example nailed one enormous memory leak last week, and continues to look for the other one he saw (which is proving elusive to reproduce). Tom and I, in the meantime, are continuing to make progress on A13 features, which brings us to the topic of today’s Desktop Tuesday, The Potter!

The Potter

In this short sneak peek at our newest class, we discuss how the potter will:

  • be a starting class for the Rayya’s Children kingdom, and a high-level exotic class for the other kingdoms
  • turn clay mined from dirt into tools and furniture

We’ll be adding more recipes in the weeks to come, so don’t look for the potter in the game until A13 and beyond.

Streams This Week

Our computers are back up but the rest of the office is still a wreck of half-open boxes and tangled cables. There will definitely be no stream today (Tuesday, 6pm PST). Yang will stream tomorrow morning, Wed, 8:30am PST and we unfortunately have to cancel Thursday’s stream due to a load of real-life scheduling conflicts. Thanks for your patience and please expect to see us return for our usual Tuesday stream on Tuesday, Oct 27th, 6pm PST. For all other things, catch us in the comments or on discourse!