Desktop Tuesday, Steam Early Access and Alpha 11 News

Hey guys. The team is focused on a couple of things this week: buttoning up the Steam Early Access release tomorrow, and planning for Alpha 11.

Steam Early Access, Tomorrow June 3!

We are slated to go live with our Steam page at 10am Pacific time. At that point Stonehearth will be available for purchase directly from Steam. You may have noticed that we’ve already dropped the price of the game here to $24.99, so if you were waiting for a deal to buy the game, now’s your chance. Here’s how you can help us out with the launch:

Write a Review in Steam

The best way you can help us is to write an honest review of the game on our Steam page when it goes online tomorrow (I’ll update this post with the URL). And we do mean honest. Of course we hope you’ll give us a thumbs up, but if there are important things that you think a new Steam user should know about the game, don’t be bashful. Accurate reviews will help set new players’ expectations, which is super important in an Early Access title.

Tag our Steam Page

Tagging our page in Steam will help new fans find the game. I suggest tagging with the following, but if you have other ideas as well, go for it.

  • City Builder
  • Sandbox
  • Strategy
  • Simulation
  • Building

Be Nice to the New Folk

It’s likely that we’ll have a lot of new fans on the Discourse. So far the culture on the forums has been amazing: friendly, helpful, honest, and civil. The best way to keep it that way is to set a great example for newcomers as they arrive. Welcome first posters, pitch in to answer recurring questions, and help newbies get the hang of writing detailed bug reports so that we can triage and fix stuff as fast as possible.  If someone says something that doesn’t belong, send them a helpful, orienting PM or flag their post for moderator attention. Diversity in age, perspective, and nationality has been a strength of our community from the beginning, and with all of your active participation, we’re sure it will continue to be so.

Alpha 11 Planning

Even as we polish up and test the Steam Early Access build, we’re also planning for Alpha 11! Our Trello board of upcoming features is now up to date; check it out and vote on the things that are important to you.  Here’s a brief overview of what we’ve got planned:

  • Building Improvements: Stairs! Nuff said
  • Inventory Management: Crates and warehouses will help control stockpile sprawl
  • New Class: The cook will turn raw turnips into something more delicious
  • Upgraded Crafter Workstations: Because smelting ore on an anvil is so Last Alpha
  • Water Part 2: Rivers, sinks, sources, and new hearthling interactions
  • Improved Embark Flow: Roll settler stats and pick starting equipment


Thoughts? Let us know in the comments or on!

  • Tuhalu

    Loving the direction for Alpha 11. Stockpiles for food have been totally out of hand. I think with Early Access happening that adding something new to the Campaign each version should be a priority too! Seeing some new events will be a good reason to keep players coming back and starting up a new campaign each alpha (assuming new alpha breaks saves).

  • Bandais

    Loving the work guys, I just want you to know that even though you are behind schedule, this Kickstarter is probably my favorite when it comes to progression.

  • FerretBandit

    Wow, so excited! 😀

  • shadowbladers

    OMG GUYS GOOD LUCK p.s anyone else having trouble logginsg into gmail accounts??

    • Aleksander Mościbrodzki

      I do.

  • Ascheherz

    After last patch, i cannot change jobs anymore. new game did not help. Hope this bug will not disturb the SEA start.

  • Marcel

    Had anyone else a similar Situation:
    I pressing “r” to defent my village and hearthlings suddenly they are fighting against the air (or invis enemys) and the Problem is they cannot win ;(.

    • Rakuran

      Yeah i had that issue once. My best warrior ended up dying 🙁

  • dwarfslayer

    NOOOOOOOOO it wont come out on steam till around 2-3 am where i live ;(

  • Iriador

    Still way too expensive for an Alpha.

    • Bubzy

      you aren’t paying for an alpha, you are paying for the full game and are able to access it while it’s in the alpha development stage, this helps the developers out.

      • Steam_User

        It looks like a great game but there are tons of Early Access games in Alpha on Steam. With competition there is always competitive pricing. This game is starting out at $24.99 where most EA Alpha games can be purchased (including Final Release versions) for $14.99 and under. I am not complaining, I am just stating a fact from a Steam user’s point of view. The best thing you can do is post good reviews and contribute to Steam’s Forum section of the game and this will build a following.

        • John

          If I had no experience with the game I would completely agree with you. However having played this game from its early stages, I have never had an EA game that keeps pulling back with each update, save this one. Knowing what I know about the game I would not hesitate to drop the 25.00 on this. This “Alpha” is in better shape then most Betas I see. (Of course 90% of the games claiming to be beta are actually in alpha stages, but I digress)

  • NonBritGit

    I think the biggest misconception potential new buyers might have is thinking the (rather) high price is for a near-finished game rather than for supporting the game’s development (and getting a full copy at release of course).

    We should try to point this out to those complaining that it’s too expensive for an Alpha.

    • Angie Adams

      or ignore those few people. They are in every games forum. A small (sometimes vocal) minority. Ignore them and they will find a new game to torment.

    • Jakub Dominik

      You can’t avoid It becouse most people think that way already when buying any EA game. I personally do not care as far as they buy It, devs will have money and i will be happy with new content. Anyway as always someone will moan forever no mather what and others will curse and swear but they will still play and like the game.

  • Grarup

    Not sure that it is possible to make a something delicious with turnips.

  • Angie Adams

    I will write a stellar review. This game is amazing and worth it.

  • GareauRA

    Looking good on Steam!


    Great to see Stonehearth progressing frequently with new features and new bug fixes.
    Alpha 10 has been pretty unstable so far but I’m sure you guys will sort this out very soon.
    Keep up the great work and let’s build !

  • Chris Connolly

    This is great,, bigger the community the better, I do look forward to the next Alpha. Lets all be head strong and welcome the new members of the community 🙂

  • xjester40k

    amazing job guys. would love to see some wooden barrels for my underground ale storage in my tavern 🙂

  • Markus

    My trapper is not getting the trapped animals anymore. He is just refilling stocks.

  • EsbenOlsen

    Thats amazing, I mean at the start when I bought/preorderet stonehearth wasen’t I happy for spending so much money. But now I’m Really happy with all the new cool features!

  • FerretBandit

    By “New Hearthling Interactions”, do you mean swimming and drinking?

    • FerretBandit

      Also, do we get traits?

  • Naratol

    As someone who backed the Kickstarter campaign at the $15 level, when will I get access to a Steam key for the game? Is it now with Early Access launch, or will it be later, when the game “properly” launches?

  • BrunstigHalvGud

    Deconstructing needs to be added soon!

  • Williooam

    This game is like amazing, I bought it like 1 week ago, found the time to play yesterday and I have only one thing to say: This is one of the best game I EVA played in my life. For real, everything is cool, so much good ideas, multiplayer coming soon or later, much class, such goblin, AMAZING! The only weak spot I found is the slow start of the game, like the first 2 building you construct! Continue guys! You’re like the best developper in the world! 😀

  • Kamishiro

    Loving the game so far. One thing I’d really love to see is some sort of customizable task priority system and/or the ability to designate specific hearthlings to specific tasks. Kind of erksome to see hearthlings collecting resources when I really need a building built, for example.